Published On: Thu, Dec 31st, 2015

Fun gadgets to bring home this New Year!

Our gadgets are constantly changing, phones are becoming smarter and we’re another step closer to having human like robots. It’s always exciting to know what New Year brings for us. Sometimes companies look beyond technology and try and come up with gadgets that are fun, different and suit the weirdest of our needs. This New Year season make a wish and with great New Year offers you can probably get some of them home.

Here is a list of few gadgets that will probably make it big in 2016.

Smart watches


  • Smart watches

With technology advancing and meeting up with the health sector to create gadgets that help us live healthier lives. The smart watch happens to be one such device. Apple was one of the pioneering names in the making of this gadget, but the other companies did catch up. Today Sony, Motorola and a lot of other companies are into this product and it’s a favourite among the audiences as well. It makes for a perfect gift this New Year, especially if you plan to live healthy in 2016.

  • Curved TVs

Our TVs went from fat to flat and now its turn for the curve. Looks like they’re on a work out too! Curved TVs are advancement in TV technology and claim to provide even better experience than the regular flat screen. With 4K display the curved TV is expected to take over the market in the year 2016.

  • 2-in-1 notebooks

Our bulky computers were replaced by laptops. For a really long time those were bulky too, as they got lighter, we came up with notebooks, which were soon left behind by the tablet. However, people weren’t really pleased with it and we wanted something that could be both. That’s how companies came up with tablets that can conveniently be turned into laptops when attached, or just tablets when you want them to be! By 2016 a lot of people are going to embrace this flexibility.

  • Virtual reality gaming

All the gamers are cheering already, since they know what we’re talking about. Virtual reality gaming is about to take gaming to another level and it will probably never be the same. The gadget may not necessarily be the best looking but it’s definitely here to take over other forms of gaming. With the cutting edge technology it could probably take over your whole life.

  • Shower speakers

No, this isn’t a dream. They’re here and will probably be in a lot of bathrooms by next year. These waterproof speakers make for a perfect bathroom companion. They’re wireless and connected through Bluetooth. It also has an option to answer calls. It surely deserves a place in your house. So go on dancing in your shower, or be the bathroom singer you’ve always wanted to be. New Year is here and it brings along endless possibilities.


Gift yourself one of these, or let your friends enjoy some of them. With great discounts available, you’re going to be more than happy to buy these.