Published On: Thu, Mar 1st, 2018

Experience premium sound in your home with the Samsung NW700 Wall-Mountable Soundbar

Samsung introduced that it’ll be showing off its new wall-mountable soundbar, the NW700 Sound+. Samsung says that the soundbar, that’s just over two inches wide, is 41% narrower that its preceding version, but that does not mean Samsung has skimped on the sound. As a successor to the MS650 Sound+ version, the NW700 Soundbar comes with numerous sound-improving functions. It capabilities distortion-canceling technology that predicts distortion on the stop of the speaker movement. Then it makes modifications accordingly earlier than the distortion takes vicinity. As a end result, the NW700 produces degree, distortion-free bass tones.

Additionally, the NW700 Soundbar offers wide-range tweets and multi-speaker control. carrying a sleek and slim external layout, the NW700 Soundbar has a width of 53.5 millimeters. It additionally 41 percent narrower than its predecessor. In addition, the NW700 Soundbar easily comes with a integrated subwoofer. The soundbar offers 3 modes: Standard Mode, surround Mode, and smart Mode. surround Mode expands surround sound overall performance whilst smart Mode automatically adjusts surround sound consequences and volume.

Samsung NW700

Samsung has also incorporated its distortion-cancelling technology, which claims to predict when distortion may occur at the end of the speaker movement, and makes adjustments before it happens, leaving you with “smooth, distortion-free bass tones.”

Some other Samsung products being featured at CES include the new Samsung Notebook 9 Pen and three new Notebook 9 laptops. And it’s rumored that we’ll also be getting a look at the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.

Samsung will officially unveil the NW700 Soundbar Sound+ next month, where we hope to get pricing and availability information.