Published On: Mon, Apr 20th, 2015

Condo Tech: Toys for your new bachelor Pad

There’s absolutely nothing like having your own place. It doesn’t matter if it’s the size of a prison cell, as long as it’s yours and you can pimp the shiznit out of it, you’re golden. If you’re finally primed to get a place of your own and you’re single, it’s imperative that you load up on every gadget and piece of furniture with a cool factor to wow every single guest that pays your humble abode a visit.

Condo Tech

An awesome place that’s ready to party will only boost your rep, so it’s time to put you bachelor pad on the map with enough cool toys to make Tony Stark proud.

Just make sure you got LOTS of money to burn. These bad boys can be mucho expensive.

A Kickass Entertainment Center

Everybody knows that the heart of every bachelor pad across all continents is the entertainment center. All the boys will gravitate towards the EC to watch sports or play the latest video games. Your entertainment center should be equipped with the latest and greatest gear or no-one will want to hang out with you. You should get the biggest, baddest HDTV on the market, the loudest sound systemavailable and the latest gaming console you can get your hands on.

What you need:

LG EC9800 Ultra HDTV – 55 inches of curved, 4K OLED goodness, this mammoth TV from the Korean electronics giant LG is the future of TV. No bull.

Sony PlayStation 4 with extra controllers – Whether you’re a casual or hardcore gamer, you can’t go wrong with owning a Sony PS4. Its spec sheet rivals even the most advanced gaming rigs available. Loading time has become a thing of the past. Don’t forget the extra controllers for your buddies!

SonosPlaybar – I hate setting up surround speakers, wireless or wired. They just take up so much valuable real estate. The SonosPlaybar takes care of all that. With 9 speakers delivering virtual surround sound and wireless connectivity, you can blast music all day long or enjoy the latest action flick.

Frat House Exclusives

I don’t know about you, but I miss college a little. The wild parties and all the fun stuff we did to be legendary on campus sure brings back all the memories. If you’re going to be living alone, don’t forget your college roots and get these fun and quirky toys.


What you need:

Convertible Pool Table – The Aramith Fusion table is both a dinner table and a pool table. This cool 6-seater has a removable top that slides easily to reveal the real fun underneath: a full sized pool table!

Personal Draft Beer Dispenser – Who doesn’t love beer? Whether its football or curling, the boys have to drink, and drink they shall with this 5-liter keg,counter top beer dispenser from HammacherSchlemmer. Cheers!

Party in a Box–Not enough space for a full blown bar? Get the CiaikaPiramid Coffee Table that has hidden compartments for all your hard liquor, glasses and everything else to mix drinks like a bartender.

Honorable Mention

Don’t forget these other toys if you still have the cash and the space for them:

  • Foosball Table
  • 2 Lazy-Boys
  • A comfy leather couch
  • Ottomans or bean bags
  • All other appliances that will make your bachelor pad habitable, such as kitchen appliances and a king size bed.

See you at the Party!

There you have it, the ultimate list of toys for your new bachelor pad. If you can’t score some of the items here like the LG HDTV, it’s OK, as long as you can find a suitable replacement that’s just as big. There are a lot of new condos in Montreal, Los Angeles, Sydney and Singapore waiting for bachelors like you to bring the party over to them. Just don’t forget to bring all your toys! For more info,click here.