Published On: Mon, Nov 6th, 2017

BRID Modular Air Purifier Doesn’t Need Filter Replacement

Most people are not inquisitive about inhaling carbon monoxide, bacteria, and other pollution. The hassle is that these debris are regularly undetectable by using the human nose. With the compact Brid indoor air purifier, customers can revel in a breath of clean air of their houses. BRID modular air purifier is designed to cast off monoxide, pollutants, NOx, odors and more, and it doesn’t need filter out replacement.

BRID Modular Air Purifier Design

The BRID is a effective and bendy modular air cleaner that consists of stackable rounded strength clear out modules. As shown in the photos, the indoor air cleaner indicates off a graceful, minimalistic appearance layout, and it’s to be had in multiple layout styles based on exclusive substances, so it blends well with numerous indoors decoration styles.


BRID Modular Air Purifier Features

BRID modular air purifier is powered with the aid of the base with a integrated silent, 42Db, white noise and low consumption fan. The base additionally functions a integrated NWF filter which can block big debris like pollen, dander and dust. In the meantime, you could add more than one strength filter modules onto the pinnacle of the bottom in your desires. Each energy filter module capabilities an innovative honeycomb-shaped nanotechnology engineered ceramic clear out dealt with with modified TiO2 (Titanium Dioxide) debris.

The usage of the ceramic filter out the BRID is capable of dispose of pollution, carbon monoxide, NOx, odors, micro organism, mould spores, germs and much greater, and remodeling them into harmless materials. More importantly, you don’t need to trade the ceramic filter. All you need to do is simply take it out from the module and rinse it underneath faucet water. As soon as it dries, you can placed it returned within the module.

The modular air purifier also features built-in WiFi, so you can use its smartphone app to remotely control your BRID or view the status of the indoor air quality detected by its top unit, and you can also switch it between three modes including auto, night and boost.

BRID Modular Air Purifier Price

The team behind BRID has successfully achieved the fund goal for the product on Kickstarter, but we can still pledge $299 to preorder the modular air purifier. It will be expected to be shipped in February next year.