Published On: Sat, Sep 12th, 2015

A7R II By Sony – Higher ISO Functionality

You get a smaller frame, but whether in shooting functionality or image quality, there is going to be something lacking compared to a big, chunky DSLR. Not so with the Sony Alpha A7R II. With a spec roster that reads like the Christmas wish list of a camera nerd, this is every bit as exciting as the first Sony A7 and Sony A7R duo from 2013. They were the first full-frame CSCs, but this one amends virtually every part.


The Sony Alpha A7R II records using the XAVC S codec, at up to 100-Mbps at 4K res, or 50-Mbps at HD. One area where the Sony Alpha A7R II soundly beats the DSLR competition is video. It can shoot at 4K res, without needing an external recorder like the A7 S.

The AF changes are much less subjective. The Sony Alpha A7R II has a 399-point on-sensor phase detection system, a huge amendment over the relatively weak AF systems of the A7 and A7R. As it is on the sensor, the phase detection AF can be used with any lens by including non-native lenses that require an adapter. The Sony Alpha A7R II was an order of magnitude faster than its harbinger.

The aesthetics are somewhat similar a modern design with nods to the same classic film DLRs Olympus references in its OM-D series. Nevertheless, the feel has changed. As you would hope at the price , this is a magnesium alloy construction that feels strong too. It is weather sealed as well, making it the perfect outdoors-y camera once paired with the right weather-sealed lens.

The A7R II also has the world’s first BSI full-frame sensor. BSI sensors are generally used in phones to compensate for their tiny sensor size, but Sony is pioneering this more light-sensitive design in cameras like the A7R II.

The shutter button and front control dial have been shunted forwards onto the top of the grip, making them sit more naturally under your finger.


The Sony Alpha A7R II is a dream camera for many. It takes everything that made the A7 and A7R so important.