Published On: Tue, Jul 8th, 2014

Your Guide to Choosing a New MINI

The MINI is a British road icon. It’s famous across the world for so many reasons. The cute size. The groundbreaking looks. The surprising practicality. The MINI has sold over 500,000 units in the USA alone. That figure stands as proof that, like the Beatles and One Direction, this Brit travels well. There’s not just one MINI anymore, however. The car we call MINI comes in all shapes and sizes. Here’s a guide to working out which one would suit you best.

The standard hatchback

The standard hatchbackWhen the MINI relaunched in 2001, it arrived in its simplest form: the hatchback. Britain loves a hatchback, thanks to their mix of sensibleness and style. Nothing epitomises that quite like a MINI. The MINI Cooper and One hatchback models sport German engineering from BMW. Such technical excellence secures their reputation as high-quality vehicles. They’re also more spacious than you might think. Hatchbacks need to be all things to all men, and both of MINI’s offerings in this area do just that.

For those who need more space


The clue’s in the name – a MINI is not the biggest car. The standard models do offer decent room and space. The Countryman serves as the company’s offering for those who need more. It’s longer, with five doors and more room in the cabin. The Countryman is also higher off the ground, making it an SUV-style, off-road option.


A MINI has always been about style. For those who like to emphasize that, a drop-top MINI is the best choice. They are more expensive than their hard-top cousins. Unlike other convertibles, though, they offer no compromise in performance. It’s true, too, that you may not be able to leave loose bits of paper hanging around in your convertible MINI! That wouldn’t matter, though, when you felt the wind in your hair during a beautiful day on the road.


Would you like your MINI stretched? The Clubman is an alternative if so. Longer than the standard MINI, the Clubman increases space for storage. It also gives rear passengers more leg room too. It may not be quite as stylish as the hatchbacks or the convertibles. It still possesses the classic MINI face, though – one loved across the world.


In a nod to the engineering heritage of the original MINI, performance models are also available. If you’re looking for a high-tech blast, try a John Cooper Works model. These variants are faster and lighter than their equivalents. They aren’t as practical as the standard models, for obvious reasons. As thrills go, though, there’s no MINI like them.

As you can see, the MINI is no one-trick pony. The range available is extraordinary and suits any need. All are available at, where both new and used vehicles are for sale. The car market boasts a wide variety of small cars today, but none is quite like the old MINI. The car was even named as a British style icon by design experts, with good reason. Impersonators and fakes are no good to anyone who loves the MINI name, look and brand. They’re the original and still the best, whichever kind you choose.