Published On: Thu, May 14th, 2015

Why Do People Love Buying The Apple iPhone So Much?

No-one can deny that the Apple iPhone is one of the world’s best-selling smartphones. It first got launched back in 2007 and is now in its sixth generation. The handset gained further popularity when it went on sale in China, an emerging market Apple hopes to dominate.

These days you can’t walk down the street without seeing someone using an iPhone. Thanks to the models available at various price points, the device is within reach of most people’s budgets. Even network carriers offer them for free as part of contract deals to entice new customers.

But what is it about the Apple iPhone that makes it such a hit with mobile phone users? Here’s an insight into the features users find useful the most:


It’s a fashion statement

Some people seldom think about their mobile phones as fashion statements. It’s a device that people who care about staying stylish and trendy will own. Competing smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy and HTC One have tried and failed to steal that crown from Apple.

Whether people like to admit it or not, the Apple iPhone is a smartphone that always seems to stay on trend. Jony Ive is the design chief at Apple and handles the design of many current products like the iMac and MacBook Pro.

He has succeeded in making the iPhone one of the world’s best-selling handsets. Aside from the technical specs, perhaps the main reason people buy iPhones is because they look “smart”!

It’s reliable

OK, so I’ve perhaps opened up a can of worms by saying that. However, many iPhone users cite reliability as one of the main reasons behind their buying decisions.

Unlike its competitors, Apple iPhones runs an operating system that is strict about what you can and cannot do with it. The “walled garden” nature of the iOS ecosystem means that things just work on the iPhone. Your handset will seldom freeze on you, nor will it randomly reboot itself.

The same cannot always be said for other devices that run Android and Windows Mobile, for instance.

There is a plethora of accessories for it

It seems that, these days, the iPhone is a brand in itself. Companies are falling over themselves to make products that work and integrate well with the handset. Issa Asad reckons that people are more inclined to buy accessories for an iPhone than they would for an Android smartphone.

In some cases, that might be true. But no-one can ignore the fact that the market is swamped with “Made for iPhone” products! From swish charging docks to inkjet printers. You name it someone has probably built that iPhone-friendly product!

It’s easy to make it work with other devices

Last, but not least, the Apple iPhone is a versatile smartphone. Using the right adapters, you can hook it up to your TV or computer screen to watch HD-quality movies from your iTunes library.

You could even stream music to your hi-fi or car from your Spotify app. And if you own a Mac, you can use your computer to make calls and send texts without picking up your iPhone.