Published On: Tue, Oct 21st, 2014

Why Are Tech-Savvy Motorists Flocking To Volkswagen?

Volkswagen also come up with some curious-looking cars such as the XL1. But why are so many people flocking to the firm? The answer is simple: technology. Everyone in the motor industry knows that VW are often at the forefront of automotive technology.

Volkswagen car

The company also work with other industry figureheads. They sometimes join forces with their competitors to work on some amazing technology. One notable example is the BlueTec diesel engines seen in Mercedes-Benz cars.

Such an alliance is beneficial for both companies. That’s because they can increase their diesel market share in the United States. But that’s just one of many examples why Volkswagen is such a tech-friendly company.

In today’s blog post, I will show you some more examples of why tech-savvy consumers are falling in love with Volkswagen cars. As well as the brand in general.

Lighting technology

You can design the world’s greatest car, but if it has lights that don’t brighten up the road on a dark evening, it won’t be a popular car for long!

Volkswagen invested lots of money into perfecting the technology behind its exterior lighting systems. We all know how essential it is to have functioning lights for dark and adverse driving conditions.

Around 40% of all auto accidents occur during the hours of darkness. That’s why it is important drivers can see the way ahead – and also so that they can get seen by other motorists.

Bi-Xenon headlights are much brighter than typical halogen headlights used in older cars. Xenon lights offer a beam like daylight.

The benefit to you is that you will find it easier to concentrate on the road ahead. Bi-Xenon headlights use a single headlight to project low and high beam patterns. It can do this thanks to some clever electromagnet technology.

Another interesting lightening technology that Volkswagen use is dynamic cornering. With this technology, the corners of the car project light from the headlights when you go around a bend in the road.

Servo motors get controlled by complex electronics that work out your steering angle. That means you can enjoy a swivel angle of up to fifteen degrees, helping you to see more of the world around you when it’s dark.

Dynamic cornering gives you more time to react in emergency situations. Examples include when you spot a wild animal crossing your path at night.

Emergency braking

For many decades now, motorists have had to rely on themselves to react fast to emergency situations. It’s no secret that your reaction time will get slower the older you get.

Volkswagen realizes that this can be a potential issue for motorists. That is why it has developed emergency braking technology for some of its models. They call it the “City Emergency Braking” system.

If you are driving at speeds of 18 mph or less, the City Emergency Braking system will activate. Using laser sensors, it scans the road ahead to determine if there are any potential hazards or risks. Should there be any, it will apply the car’s brakes and come to a stop fast.

It’s a system that’s useful at preventing collisions with pedestrians crossing the road. You will find the system in models sold at and other authorized dealers.

Auto rain sensors

One thing that all drivers know to do is operate the windshield wipers when it starts to rain. Windshield wipers have the obvious task of ensuring we can see where we are going when it rains. They can operate at a range of speeds to suit the speed and frequency of the rain.

A bugbear about this distracting task is that you have to keep “adjusting” it when you drive through pockets of light or heavy rain. It can also be distracting if you are not familiar with the cars you are driving. That is often the case when you get behind the wheel of a rental car, for example.

Such a problem is now a thing of the past, thanks to the clever auto rain sensor system that Volkswagen developed!

It works by using a high-tech LED sensor that gets fitted to the back of your interior mirror. When it detects that it’s raining outside, it will operate the windshield wiper for you. But that’s not all! It will also adjust the speed of your wipers according the amount of rain there is.

You also have the option of deciding how sensitive the system is so that you can fine-tune it to your exact needs. It’s a shame that such a system is not fitted to all cars on the road as a standard item because it offers great safety advantages on the road.

Park assist

The park assist system is one of my personal favorites! One of the things that I hate about driving is the fact that my parallel parking skills are mediocre at best. It takes me a few attempts before I can get my car into a parking space.

And when there is a queue of vehicles waiting behind me, I can start to feel the pressure building up! Lucky for me (and you too) is that Volkswagen have got this problem covered! Park assist takes care of the steering while you manage the clutch, brake and gas pedals.

It works in conjunction with a rear-view camera and uses laser technology to make an accurate assessment of your parking space. That means it will tell you whether your VW will fit in there or not.

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