Published On: Wed, Dec 3rd, 2014

Which is Best Mobile Phone Tariff for You?

According to Ofcom research, Britons are wasting a total of nearly £5bn a year because they signed up to tariffs that offer more minutes and texts than they use. The best mobile phone tariff depends on your lifestyle. Knowing exacting how you use your phone will help you work out which mobile phone tariff will fulfil your needs. Below is a guide to the different types of mobile tariff.


SIM only

SIM-only mobile phone deals are ideal for those who are looking for a SIM card without the handset, do not want to commit to a long contract, are happy with your current handset or are worried about upgrading to the latest model. SIM-only deals are also a good plan if you are waiting for a certain model of handset to become available and do not want to tie into a long contract. All major mobile phone network providers offer at least one of these deals.

The contract usually rolls for 30 days. You can cancel the service by giving one month’s notice if you are not satisfied with it or want to switch to another provider. Make sure you get your phone unlocked first if you’re switching to another mobile phone service provider. Compared to pay-as-you-go and pay monthly deals, the usage cost is lower for SIM deals because the cost doesn’t include the price of the handset. Unlike a pay-as-you-go deal, you don’t have to spend time topping up your phone. If you decide this is the best tariff for you, it’s important to compare SIM only deals to find out which deal suits the way you use your phone.


Pay-as-you-go mobile deals are suitable for those who don’t use their phone often, use it only for emergencies or don’t want to commit to a long contract. Here’s how it works:

Before you make any calls or texts, you’ve to purchase a minimum top-up mobile credit. When you run out of credit, you won’t be able to make outgoing calls or texts until you top up your phone again. With a pay-as-you-go mobile deal, you know exactly how much you’re spending based on your mobile credit.

Pay monthly

Pay monthly contract deals are best if you make many calls and text, have high data usage or want a free and top-of-the-range smartphone. The length of the contract can vary from 12 to 24 months. You’ve to pay a fixed amount per month for the line rental, a fixed number of calls and texts and data bundle for using the internet. Compared to pay-as-you-go, a pay monthly deal is easier to manage as you don’t need to top-up your credit. However, if you go over your monthly allowance, you may be penalized.

To get the best mobile phone tariff, first work out what you need. Go through your previous bills to find out the number of minutes and texts and the amount of data you use. Then, work out an average. Finally, choose a tariff that matches your usage.