Published On: Thu, Jun 24th, 2021

When to hire aggravated assault attorney

Being charged in court for a criminal offense is terrifying. However, going to court without a defense attorney is scarier. Most defendants fail to hire legal representation even in cases where they are facing reputable prosecutors. Often, they lose cases, not because they are guilty but due to the inability to compete favorably with the other party. Being represented by an experienced aggravated assault attorney when facing charges is crucial.


When should you hire an aggravated assault lawyer?

The following situations may necessitate the hiring of an aggravated assault lawyer

When you do not know what the charges entail 

Aggravated assault is not just punching a person. It has a legal definition that might not be easy to understand. In many states, assault happens when you knowingly or intentionally cause bodily harm to another party. Additionally, if you touch someone to provoke him or her or threatens a person with physical damage, that constitutes assault. In Texas, for instance, the case must involve assault with a deadly weapon or result in severe bodily harm.

Aggravated assault may be a first-degree felony or a second-degree felony, depending on the circumstances. But, again, experienced lawyers have the expertise to put up a defense in your favor.

When you are incarcerated

Talking to the police in the presence of an attorney is always a wise idea. Even if you think that you are innocent, the police can coerce or trick you into admitting guilt.

When you are required in court

Police might drop your charges, yet prosecutors may require that you appear in court. Whichever the reason for the appearance, you should always get a lawyer. An attorney can appear in court for you and can negotiate with the defense and prosecution. In case you appear in court, your lawyer can advise you appropriately. Additionally, the lawyers can offer advice on answering questions appropriately and, in other instances, can object to troublesome questions or those that involve personal information.

When you get an offer

Most criminal lawsuits end in a plea bargain. You receive fewer sentences or charges in exchange for a guilty plea. An attorney may assist you in negotiating a deal that will get the best possible terms. However, not all deals are fair. For example, some prosecutors may offer deals because they do not have a solid case.

Your attorney should analyze your situation and advise accordingly.

When you are feeling overwhelmed

Dealing with a case is tedious. You need to read several books, most of which are technical. Moreover, you require to fill documents and find witnesses whom you must expose to the prosecution. You then have to handle the trial itself. An experienced lawyer will take the burden off our shoulders. They will interview witnesses gather documents, and follow up the case to the end.

When you have been convicted before.

Having previous convictions may make one look bad. Most Prosecutors will site your past conviction in your trial to your disadvantage. They can argue that the assault is a reflection of your history.

Your attorney can object to any questions regarding your past and redirect the judge’s attention to the critical issues at hand. Moreover, your attorney can find character witnesses to bring out your good behavior and works.

When you know the victim well

Most assault cases involve people who know each other well. They could be spouses or family members. The history of these people often comes to play during the trial. Most prosecutors point to your account with the aggrieved to corroborate the assault charge. An experienced attorney will cross-examine witnesses to show your real character while avoiding the prosecutor’s calls to emotion.