Published On: Tue, Oct 25th, 2016

What You Need to Hold a Successful Business Event

Business events are no longer restricted to renting a conference room and eating into your company budgets to pay for catering and accommodation for hundreds of attendants. They can now be held online for people to access from anywhere in the world from their own homes. As this is still a new concept to many, it can be difficult to decide what you need to hold a successful online business talk, particularly if you have only used your conferencing software for meetings. This quick guide will tell you the most important aspects of holding a large online gathering and how you can use them to make it successful:

Successful Business Event

  1. Correct Specifications

You can have the most expensive and advanced software available, but it still won’t be much good if it isn’t configured correctly or if you don’t have the right hardware to back it up. Thankfully, modern systems are versatile enough to be used on most devices and are compatible with all of the most common hardware and software. You need to ensure you are transmitting from a location with a reliable, high speed internet connection and have a camera and good quality microphone, otherwise your attendees will become frustrated if they can’t see or hear you or if your connection is frequently dropped. If you are holding your meeting from a conference room with specialist hardware, have a technician on hand to sort any issues. Otherwise, you should be able to solve any IT problems yourself so long as you have the right hardware and software for the job.

  1. Recording

Everybody is busy with work and other commitments today so not everybody can make every event, especially if they are in a different time zone than you are. You can work around this and ensure that anybody who is interested or needs to see it by recording the meeting, saving it to cloud storage, and making it available either through a download link or by uploading it to a video sharing website such as YouTube. An advantage of the latter is that it can be shared on social media websites, allowing some free marketing and exposure for your company or cause. Concept5 found that virtually all of the world’s 100 largest companies market through their YouTube accounts, gaining 9.5 billion views between them.

  1. Visual Aids

All arguments are better if they can be backed up with evidence, and the same is true for business conferences. Similarly, online broadcasts are much more interesting, informative, and memorable for attendees if there is additional material for them to look at. People are rarely interested in listening a single person talk for a long time, no matter how strong or compelling their argument. It is the easiest way to make a strong argument or a fascinating speaker become dull and boring. You can boost your video townhall events using a service like BlueJeans by uploading and playing a video clip to live-stream during your meeting. This could be a video of client testimonials, a visual demonstration, or a message from somebody who couldn’t make the event. Anything which makes it more interesting and gives it more personality is recommended.

  1. Marketing

Marketing goes beyond promoting your video afterwards. If you are holding a sales seminar then in order to draw as many people as possible, you need to advertise it to draw them in. This could be done through social media, your customer newsletter, or anything which can reach a large number of potential customers. DSEF even recommends sending out reminders an hour or two before the event starts to let people know that it is about to begin, as people forget easily. If the meeting is only for people within your own company, you still need to have some degree of advertising beyond casual reminders to let people know about the meeting and why it is worth their time to attend.

  1. Planning

You wouldn’t attend an important sales meeting without planning and preparing meticulously beforehand, so online conferences shouldn’t be any different. Not only will you need to prepare your slides or video but invite relevant guest speakers, marketing, and write up an itinerary and how long you intend each portion of the meeting to last for. The last part is especially important as it is all too easy to ramble on and let talks run over time, which will turn people off and weaken your argument or pitch.

Online events and conferences are different from in-person meetings in many ways, but in others they are still very similar. So long as you plan carefully, market properly, and make it interesting and informative, it will be a success. In no time at all, you will find it easy to adapt to this type of interaction and be ready for your next online conference.