Published On: Sat, Jul 19th, 2014

Vodafone Makes A Bid For Greek Telecoms Firm Forthnet

Today it has been announced that mobile and internet giant Vodafone have placed a bid in the hope of securing a portion of Greek telecoms and TV company Forthnet. If accepted, it could mean the British company takes the lion’s share of their business. While it is not known how they plan to move forward once that occurs, many experts predict that it could be enough to keep Forthnet out of financial trouble. Presuming they can strike a deal, Vodafone would co-own the company with their Greek business partners Wind.

At the current time, Vodafone has over 434,000,000 subscribers around the world. That makes them the second largest telecoms company in existence. They also have their fingers in many other pies. Greek people seem to consider the takeover to be a good thing as they have been experiencing problems with the service offered by Forthnet for a long time. We spoke to some residents who subscribe to their TV packages. They told us…

Vodafone For Firm Forthnet

“Forthnet used to be one of the most respectable companies in the country, but since the recession hit things have gone down hill. We’re constantly losing connection when trying to watch our favourite shows, and last month the TV didn’t work at all for around three whole days. We obviously want Greek businesses to remain in the hands of Greek people, but we believe Vodafone will do a good job if the offer is accepted.”

One of the main issues experienced by Forthnet relates to their outdated output solutions. As residents told us, connections are lost very easily at the current time. It looks as though Vodafone would be willing to provide the funds needed for updates, and that should help to increase the amount of people who subscribe to their services.

Forthnet has never been very good at monetizing their product, which is why Vodafone plan to implement the latest policy management solutions. While we don’t have enough time to discuss the ins and outs of that here, you can get more information about PCRF by visiting the Comverse website. It’s just a way of telecom companies capitalising on their potential and earning the highest profits possible.

Established in October 1995, Forthnet became one of the largest telecommunication firms in Greece within their first two years of trading. Its current value stands at around €260,000,000 and is the property of four main investors. Vodafone, on the other hand, is listed on the London Stock Exchange. That means thousands of different shareholders all over the world have a slice of the cake.

So, is it likely the offer will be accepted? Yes, it is. Forthnet needs to make substantial changes to their business model to survive the next decade. They simply don’t have the funds to compete with similar companies any longer, and so the investment would be gladly welcomed. They’ll have to spend some time ironing out the finer details, but we expect to hear about their decision within the next few days.

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