Published On: Sat, Jul 12th, 2014

Use Of Mobile Phones And Other Handheld Electronic Devices While Driving Is Controversial

Automobile insurance companies use a point system to create monthly bills for customers. With this system, careless and reckless drivers who receive traffic violations have to pay more money for coverage compared to safe and reliable drivers. In each state, laws and regulations for particular traffic situations vary. In general, the department of motor vehicles charges drivers a certain amount of points for each violation. When a certain amount of points is accumulated within a particular time frame, then driving license suspensions may be enforced.

Mobile Phone While DrivingThough insurance companies don’t have the authority to penalize customers with legal action, hefty penalty fees can be applied against drivers who disobey traffic laws. For example, the monthly premium may increase significantly for every few points accumulated by careless drivers. Sometimes, automobile insurance companies might even deny service to customers who have had their license suspended multiple times. In other words, such drivers are deemed a risk.

In the digital age, the use of mobile phones and other handheld electronic devices while driving is controversial. Some states prohibit drivers from using such gadgets when behind the steering wheel. If drivers are found guilty of talking or texting while driving, they can accumulate several points on their DMV record and the auto insurance policy. Additionally, state agencies also have the right to collect fees from guilty charges to traffic violations.

State of Delaware cell phone laws are examples of government regulations that improve road safety. At the same time, auto insurance companies also create incentives to prevent drivers from using cell phones on the roads. For instance, companies can give drivers rough estimates of monthly premiums if traffic violation points are taken into account. Therefore, customers may be motivated to save hundreds of dollars per year on auto insurance by practicing safe driving habits.