Published On: Tue, Dec 16th, 2014

Update Your Phone With These Cutting Edge Apps

Everyone’s using apps these days. But their uses are generally limited to procrastination and social media. We’re all taking pictures to post on Instagram and paying for new levels of Angry Birds to play. We often forget that, as with all technology, apps have their positive and negative uses. They aren’t just for avoiding that work that you need to get done. They aren’t even limited to their practical use as sat nav devices.

Cutting Edge Apps

No, apps also have the potential to help you on the path to becoming a more organised and up-to-date person. If you’re willing to commit to using one or two, then you can notice that the app will be far more useful than any self-improvement class would ever be. They won’t take up your time, nor will they require that much money. They’ll also be a constant in your life, which can be used every time you open your phone to check the time or read a message. With that in mind, we’ve assembled a few of the best apps for updating your life. Here they are.

There are many apps that allow you to get your phone in order. Using the reverse phone number lookup service you can make sure that you know exactly who’s on the other end of the line before you accept the call. Although not immediately obvious, this has a number of handy applications for your life. The art of talking on the telephone is still a subtle and vital one in your home and work life. When you know exactly who’s going to be on the other end of the phone then you’re going to be more prepared for whatever’s coming next. If you want to dodge those pesky telemarketers or need to arrange some vital notes before a teleconference then this is the app for you.

Stepz is a colourful and interactive app that allows you to measure the number of steps you’re taking in a day. As well as being a cool little tool to play around with, it can also give you an idea of how much physical activity you are doing. It will let you identify the weakness of your lifestyle, meaning that you are more capable of being proactive about your health. Remember to use it often, or you’re not using it to its full potential.

You’re probably already addicted to those minigames on your mobile, so why not try to make that a positive thing? Lumosity is a free app that has you playing memory-improving games. You’ll find that the app itself is fun and easy to use and that it tests your memory, speed and problem-solving ability.

Meditation is becoming more and more popular. But it can be hard to know exactly where to start with the whole thing. Simply Being is a handy little app will allow you to choose a short period of time, between 5 and 20 minutes, to undertake some guided meditation. You can enable a relaxing background noise to aid your immersion or just work with the guiding voice. This is a fantastically positive way of making your phone, which is usually representative of how hectic your life is, a calming influence. It’s also an indication of the cutting-edge versatility of contemporary smartphones.