Published On: Sat, Jun 21st, 2014

Top Technology That All Busy Law Firms Should Utilise

Everyone knows that the employees of a law firm are a busy bunch of people. When they are not in the middle of sorting out court cases for their clients, they deal with other aspects of the law.

Top Technology That All Busy Law Firms Should Utilise

Those aspects include reviewing and organising legal documents such as contracts and agreements, having meetings with clients, and, on top of all that, they have to make sure that all of their work is completed in a correct and timely fashion.

Back in the days before technology was commonplace in all commercial settings, people had to do things manually. By that, I mean everyone had piles of documents on their desks that were under review, and the only timesaving devices in the office were typewriters and telephones!

Thankfully, we have come a long way since those days, and virtually all businesses have evolved with the digital revolution. If you run a law firm, did you know that you can greatly increase your practice’s productivity with these top tech devices?

Apple iPhone

One of the best ways of communicating with the outside world whilst you are on the go is to use a smartphone. Having used many different models of smartphone, the one that I have come to rely upon is the Apple iPhone.

The latest incarnation, the iPhone 5S, features a fast processor and larger, clearer display. That means you will be able to catch up on your email, review documents and even engage in video conference calls with colleagues quicker and easier than with other smartphones.

With more than one million apps in the App Store, there are plenty of helpful and timesaving ways that you can manage your workload whilst you are out and about. Now you no longer have to wait until you get back into the office before finalising your work for the day!

Apple MacBook Pro

A lot of people prefer to use PCs with the Windows operating system installed on them. But the Apple MacBook Pro makes life easier when doing your work at the office, home or whilst you are on a train somewhere!

The OS X operating system doesn’t feel as “bloated” as Windows does, and you can run a plethora of applications without worrying about out of memory errors or low disk space on your hard drive.

Plus, with the iOS 8 mobile operating system being released soon, integration with your iPhone will be even better as you will be able to make and receive calls using your MacBook Pro!


Even if you don’t buy a MacBook Pro, you still need to use the right software for your computer system in order to work effectively.

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