Published On: Tue, Jul 22nd, 2014

Tired of Tangles? Wireless Headphones an Ideal Choice

If you often find yourself feeling tangled and trapped by the many wires and cords coming off of your technology devices, it may be time for you to cut back on the amount of cables in your life. Using a pair of wireless headphones, you can experience the best that modern technology has to offer in innovative listening devices without struggling through another jumbled cord mess. The DJ Slims by Outdoor Tech are perfect for DJs, and music aficionados looking to free themselves of tangled cords. Trust us, once you experience the following benefits the DJ Slims by Outdoor Tech have to offer, you will quickly see why wireless is the ideal choice.

DJ- Slims Wireless Headphones

  1. Wireless Freedom

As mentioned before, wires can be messy and difficult when you are trying to go about your day to day business. With the DJ Slims, traveling is simplified, exercising to your favorite power jam is a breeze, and enjoying music around the house no longer requires carrying a battery pack, plugging-in a cord, or hauling extra cables. For full audio freedom, wireless earphones are the ideal choice.


  1. Great Range

 As most of today’s wireless listening devices are actually Bluetooth headphones, listeners are now free to roam quite a distance before they lose reception. With a range of up to 30 feet on most devices, it is easy to play your favorite tunes in the background while cleaning the house without ever having to move your MP3 player. Likewise, your sound will stay clear with the DJ Slims, even if your music player is bouncing in your pocket during a run, orbeing packed along for a bike ride. The range that Bluetooth earphones like these offer extends usability to the average headphone user.


  1. Easy Sharing Capabilities

 Have you ever been on a long flight or car ride and tried sharing headphones with a friend? Cords quickly become tangled, and ear buds continually fall out of one person’s ear, creating a very tedious and un-enjoyable movie watching experience. With some of today’s Bluetooth technology, each viewer can connect their separate pair of wireless Bluetooth-capable headphones to the same iPod, laptop, or DVD player at the same time. With proper device pairing, sharing capabilities expand and your favorite technology becomes even easier to use.


  1. Versatile Usability

In the olden days of technology, headphones once required adaptors to work with certain devices, and headphone splitters were used to share speakers. With the capabilities of Bluetooth and modern headphones in one medium, more practical and versatile uses are being discovered. If you have finally had it with wires and cords, make the switch to DJ Slims and take advantage of the ideal benefits offered by the latest in Bluetooth technology.