Published On: Fri, Sep 5th, 2014

The Latest In High-Tech Motorhomes

When you hear the word “motorhome” you probably think of one of two things (or both of them). Either rundown pieces of junk that are falling apart, or super high-tech RVs. While the falling-apart motorhomes are a cheap way to get around, it’s the high-tech vehicles that are really cool. You’ve seen the huge ones that fit an entire sports car in their storage space, but that’s not the only advancement in RV technology. Bigger isn’t always better, and there are caravans both big and small that are much more than just a trailer with a bed and a tiny kitchen.

High Tech Motorhomes


Modular Motorhomes

In the past, the two options for a motorhome have been a trailer or something more akin to a van. But now you can find something that’s a hybrid between the two, with modular motorhomes. You can detach the front of the motorhome (the motor bit) and leave the home bit standing on its own. The resulting car looks a bit odd, but a weird looking car is worth it for not having to drive a hulking great vehicle around.


Luxury Homes

Sometimes RVs aren’t so much high-tech as just massive. Although they tend to have a few technology treats in there too. Take, for example, the Ketterer Continental, a behemoth of a motorhome that the manufacturers says is more of a second home. Like a traveling mansion, this vehicle has plenty of space (you can get a smart car in the back) and some nice technology features. You can actually “pop out” the side of this monster truck to increase the living space by one meter. Plenty of room for your butler or housemaid, then. It’s probably best not to even think about how much the motorhome insurance on this one would cost.


Touchscreen Control

Many luxury hotels now let you control your room and the hotel service through a tablet. So why not do the same with your RV? Several motorhome models come with touchscreen tablets, so you can control everything in it, from the TV to the engine. You can turn the lights on and off, automatically bring out extra panels and devices inside and outside the vehicle. They don’t have to be huge luxury vehicles either. Take the towable German Knaus Tabbert Caravisio concept. It has a central control panel that you can control with smartphone and tablet apps. Of course, there’s always the potential for the tablet to malfunction. Which would mean you would lose your easy control over everything.



Everyone is trying to be kind to the environment now, even if they’re driving around with a motorhome. You can get solar panels on fold out roofs, motorhomes designed to emit fewer carbon emissions such as the Roadtrek E-Trek. There are motorhomes that use biodiesel and hybrid motorhomes. There are even modifications to water and energy use to make motorhomes more eco-friendly.

High-tech motorhomes are definitely an investment. But if that’s the way you like to travel, it’s best to do it in style.