Published On: Tue, Aug 11th, 2015

The Internet Is Changing The Face Of International Commerce

Checking out GoDaddy founder Bob Parsons’ Linkedin profile will give you a capsule biography of one of America’s new breed of Internet billionaires. Parsons and a handful of other courageous and visionary entrepreneurs have made their fortunes by embracing progress and a sea change in technology rather than refusing to acknowledge it or standing passively by while others develop it.

International Commerce

Still No Ceiling In Sight

Joining in the 21st century technological explosion with extreme alacrity has made the fortunes of this elite group of business professionals, and there is still no ceiling in sight to be reached. Profits derived from Internet commerce are solidly in the billions, with no cap projected. In short, there is no limit to the amount of money that can made using the Internet as a vital tool for advertising and transacting business, and no reason to assume that any new entrepreneur is arriving too late to the party.

The Internet Is A Source Of Endless Opportunity

Make no mistake, the Internet has proven to a source of endless opportunity in the modern age. Businesses are being founded in order to cater to customers who would never have even had the chance to hear about certain fashions in clothing or music a few short decades ago. Instead of the traditional business model of a brick and mortar store that can serve customers within a radius of 50 to 100 miles, new businesses are springing up on the world wide web that can serve customers thousands of miles away.

Creating New Outlets For Accumulation Of Wealth

The fact that you can now set up an official company website, complete with online store, means that you have access to a whole new platform for the accumulation of wealth. This amazing new opportunity is one that you should wholeheartedly embrace. Whether you are engaged in selling your goods and services over the Internet, or planning to become a provider of web hosting services, one thing is clear: The Internet has basically arisen in order to connect you with a potential customer base that might eventually number in the billions. This is an opportunity that you would be a sheer fool to pass on.

Future Technological Developments Can Only Benefit Business

As the 21st century continues to unfold, one thing is abundantly clear: Future technological developments will only serve to benefit your business and increase your potential base of customers. You should always strive to understand and embrace these new developments. After all, this is the philosophy that was adopted by the current breed of Internet billionaires. If it worked so well for them, just think what it will do for you.