Published On: Fri, Feb 12th, 2016

The Biggest Issues Manufacturers Will Face This Year

As a business owner, you are going to face a number of different challenges running your company. You might even experiences months where the level of demand is stagnant. There is no increased interest in your business and you have to rely on customers who already use your company. For most businesses, this is just going to be a minor hiccup. But not for the manufacturer. A manufacturer will be dependant on a stable economy that they can rely on. Any problems and they could easily be out of business by the end of the year. Industry analysts are predicting there will be some road bumps for manufacturers in 2016. However, they also offer advice on how to deal with these difficult scenarios.

3D Printer


You may think that self-manufacturing isn’t something a business owner needs to worry about. But insiders are advising business owners to tread with caution on making this assumption. It’s difficult to deny that the number and 3D printers owned by private users has increased in recent years. 3D printers can make anything and everything as long as the mold needed is small enough. There are videos on Youtube of people making fully functional robots. With this level of private engineering, where is the need for the manufacturer? Experts advise manufacturers focus on outsourcing their products to other bigger businesses. That way, they can become a vital cog in a much larger machine. It enables them to maintain and utilize a constant flow of demand.


Outsourcing giveth and outsourcing taketh away. Analysts have always argued that manufacturing businesses are facing increased competition from abroad. These are other manufacturing businesses offering products and supplies with cheaper production costs involved. If you want to compete with these businesses you need to find a way to reduce your production costs as well. One way to do this is through outsourcing. Industry owners can use firms offering services such as plastic injection moulding. This efficient technique of production is useful for producing plastic items that easily fit together. Outsourcing this job saves a business owner both time and money, allowing them to stay competitive. The only issue? If you’re offering outsourcing services yourself you will be competing with this new trend.

Late Invoices

A killer of manufacturing firms has always been late invoices. That trend isn’t going to change any time soon. If anything, experts are predicting this issue will only continue to worsen. If a manufacturer does not gain the payment for supplies they’re in trouble. They won’t have the funds to make future products until they receive the invoice. On the plus side, this is good news for invoice factoring companies. Business is booming for a company offering the service of buying late invoices. By doing this, manufacturers can immediately get the money they need to be back on track.

While it’s clear there are hurdles for the manufacturer this year, with the right advice and the right steps they can jump right over them. Good luck with the future of your business.