Published On: Sat, Sep 3rd, 2016

Savvy Businesses Are Using Tech To Improve Customer Service: Is Yours?

People have always been at the heart of excellent customer service – and always will be. But the rise of tech in the customer service field is making it much easier for businesses to deliver better experiences to clients. We’ve put together a few ways technology is changing the customer service world. Take a look, have a think, and ask yourself – is your business doing all it can to keep up?

Savvy Businesses


The vast improvement in quality of modern websites is welcome by us all. In the early days of the Internet, few businesses could appreciate how important the web would turn out to be. Page load times were excruciating, graphics were poor, and user experience was barely considered. But we are in a much better place now. Superfast broadband means consumers can access all kinds of media and services in a matter of seconds. Web design is now an integral part of delivering excellent customer service. And, of course, the user experience is now one of the most important factors in providing a successful business website.

Big data

The web also gives businesses access to a lot of information that they were not privy to in the past. ‘Big data’ is opening up new worlds for companies and organizations. It gives them a unique look at their customer’s priorities and preferences. It is allowing them to focus in on the right customers, at the right time, with the right offer. In the past, marketing departments would often have to throw money at delivering a message to people that just weren’t interested. These days, however, data technology is being used for relevance to save money and avoid wasted opportunities.

A deeper connection

With all this new knowledge about their customers, businesses have lots of opportunities. They can forge deeper relationships. It’s the chance to provide extra value – via a blog, or even social media, for example. Brands can build communities which can be the source of inspiration, improvement, and problem-solving. It gives the impression that businesses are listening to their customers, and it’s a chance to show off excellent customer service. These new outlets for businesses are a great way to introduce a little personality into proceedings, too.


Another area of the Internet that people are more aware of these days is security. They understand that their data is valuable to nefarious types. They know that entering credit card details onto an unsecured website is asking for trouble. But they also know how to spot the signs of good and robust protection. Take a look around at any successful shopping site and you will see they all boast about their secure portals. It gives customers a level of trust and comfort when it comes to making buying decisions.


It’s not just marketing departments that are enjoying all this customer data. Forward-thinking firms are using this wealth of information to create products based on their customer’s needs. It’s never been easier to approach a custom software development company to make your product ideas a reality. There are desktop apps, mobile apps, and simple software solutions for almost any given scenario. And because businesses understand their customer’s pain points, they can all be tailor-made to suit.

Support and access

A great product is the key to delivering exceptional service, of course. But it takes a lot more than a sale to please the modern customer. And technology is allowing businesses to offer their customers a lot more than they could even a decade ago. Pre-Internet, the general public could only contact most businesses during normal working hours. These days, there is a vast difference in the access and support that business customers will receive. You can shop online at any time you want. Websites are always open – and technology such as Live Chat gives you direct access to businesses. Also, companies are using blogs to deliver deeper, richer information to their customers. Often, if you have a problem with a product you can find how to fix it yourself in a few clicks on the seller’s website.


Most businesses have yet to grasp the power of geolocation services. But ask most industry experts and they will tell you it is going to play a big part in the landscape in the future. And the truth is, we are all using geolocation services already – how many times do you access your map application to find something to do? It might be especially important for struggling industries such as retail. Stores are finding it harder to entice people through their doors as more people shop online. But geolocation gives them an opportunity to offer customers special offers or discounts if they pass close by. Customers get a good deal and a great experience. Retailers can target likely clients who are in the area – and get more people through the door.


While we’re on the subject of retail, what’s the longest you have spent in a queue for the cash register? It can be so frustrating – and it’s a big reason why many more people shop online these days. Changes are happening now, however, thanks to the introduction of various new payment methods. Self-service checkouts are an obvious example. Handheld terminals are becoming increasingly common, too. It means customers can be in and out of stores in no time at all. And, particularly with handhelds, retailers get to walk customers through the entire buying experience. Not only does the customer get better, quicker service, but there is also the opportunity to provide added value or upsell.

As you can see, technology is paving the way for a much better customer experience. If you are a business and are not making these new developments work for you, it’s clear you are missing out. Technology is at the heart of many areas of business – and always has been. But if you aren’t embracing it for customer service, you can guarantee that your competitors are. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.