Published On: Sat, Jul 19th, 2014

Retina MacBook Air Released By Christmas 2014

Over the last ten years, computer company Apple have overtaken Microsoft to become one of the most respected and successful specialists in the world. Their machines are now used in hundreds of different countries by people performing a wide range of different applications. Business users tend to prefer this brand over their counterparts due to the lack of viruses and the durability their products provide. Whether it’s smartphone, desktop units, laptops or tablets, Apple lead the way in this industry.

Retina MacBook Released By Christmas 2014

Their most recent release is the MacBook air, which has been proving incredibly popular all over the world. Even so, there are rumours going around the internet at the moment that suggest an updated version might be released close to Christmas 2014. All indications point towards a new MacBook with retina display although that has not been confirmed by the company as of yet.

Experts and insiders predict the new model will come with a 12-inch display. It should also include a brand new Broadwell processor from Intel. For those who are unaware, a retina display should mean the human eye is incapable of identifying pixels on the screen from a typical viewing distance. That means the new MacBook should offer the clearest picture quality ever seen on a laptop device.

Business users around the world have been anticipating a release of this nature for quite some time. While they might use a macro recorder to simplify their processes, most are in no doubt that retina displays could make a significant difference. That is especially true for companies that deal with design work, where the sharpest image possible is required.

We caught up with leading computer experts who told us…

“Retina displays are the next step in computer technology. We expect them to be incorporated into TV sets in the near future too so that everyone can benefit from the advancement. Prices will be high for the first few years, but as more people purchase the products we’re expecting costs to come down considerably.”

As we mentioned only a moment ago, the new MacBook should include Intel’s Broadwell processor. For anyone who doesn’t know, it uses almost 30% less power than previous models. That makes it one of the best solutions on the market today. There are plans to release a successor in 2015 called the Skylake, but that’s a long way off yet.

So, are the internet rumours true? Will Apple release an updated MacBook Air with retina display? Very probably. If we learned anything over the last decade, it’s that Apple are constantly seeking to improve their products. They also aim to provide customers with something innovative and new to play with. It has been more than a year since the original MacBook Air reached global marketplaces, so it stands to reason that a new product will land on shelves very soon.

If you want to stay updated on all the most recent advancements in Apple computer technology, watch this space. We will release more informative articles as further information surfaces.

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