Published On: Wed, Jun 18th, 2014

Pimping Up Your Van: Why It’s Cool To Be Different

The great thing about cars is that they can be customised to your exact specifications, before or after they have been built. The car modification industry is big business, and millions of people around the world have been modifying their chariots for the purposes of style, performance and uniqueness.

Pimping  Van

But one thing that you hardly ever hear about is that van owners can also modify their vehicles too! Many car modders strive to stand out from the crowd and create their own unique take on car customisation. Similarly, a growing number of van owners are doing that too.

If you are a van owner, and you want to make your workhorse stand out from the crowd, here are some reasons why it’s cool to be different!

Set a trend

The majority of folks that modify cars follow a particular pattern or style. For example, you have the “Euro” look. The Euro look refers to cars that have been lowered 60mm or more on small diameter alloy wheels that are super-wide, with “stretched” tyres!

Then you have the “rat” look, which is seemingly an excuse for people to drive around in rusty cars with bits of bodywork missing and still look cool.

But with vans, the world’s your oyster as far as trends are concerned! There aren’t any particular trends that van modifiers follow, according to experts at the Vanwise Group, so you do whatever you want to make your van look awesome!

Are you stuck for ideas on how you can modify your van? Check out these handy hints!

Wheels and suspension

The suspension set up on vans isn’t all that different to what you get on cars, so even if there aren’t any specific lowering kits for your van, you won’t have much issue adapting a system that was originally meant for another vehicle.

In some ways, you could compare the size of your van to a car such as a Range Rover. Have you ever seen small wheels on a Range Rover? Nope, me neither!

You will often find that the wheels you can use on your van will probably fit many car models made by the same manufacturer, especially if you are driving around in a car-derived van such as an estate.

Engine transplant

Most vans will have trusty diesel engines designed to pull even the heaviest of loads. But for some people, the power their vans have isn’t enough. If you are going down the engine transplant route, you will find that you are only limited by your imagination (and budget)!

I have seen many Ford Transit vans with V8 engines fitted into them. Obviously no mass-produced Ford vans are ever fitted with such power plants from the factory, but it’s certainly an ambitious project that will make driving your van fun!

Body kits

If you want to improve the aesthetics of your van, one obvious place to start is by getting a custom-made body kit for your van designed, created and fitted!

Whilst the van shown in the photograph above will turn some heads, some people might prefer to buy something more “tame”!