Published On: Sat, Aug 22nd, 2015

Philanthropy Helps Populations Affected By War And Poverty

When a country has experienced years of social unrest, war and poverty, the population most affected can be women and children. A successful company that wishes to give back can be a tremendous help to these most vulnerable populations. Help can come in the forms of financial aid and by supplying physical items like warm clothing, shelter, clean drinking water, food staples, and access to medical care for women and children.

PhilanthropyAnother way successful philanthropists support these populations is by providing access to educational programs which help people find a more permanent way to get out of poverty and to have a more hopeful future. Job training can provide an enormous lift to help people out of lives of despair. Growing an educated work force can also help the country’s economy to experience a boost.

The Most Basic Needs Must Be Met First

Addressing the most basic needs first of a population torn apart by war and poverty is the best place a company or a foundation can start to make an impact. Basic needs like clean drinking water, food and clothing should be met before emphasis can be placed on education and job training for the future.

The best place philanthropists have found to start is by digging wells to help find more water and by putting water purification systems in place to make existing water purer and safer. Having clean water to drink helps the most vulnerable populations to be healthier and in some of the most severe cases, to stay alive.

Companies And Entrepreneurs Dedicated To Philanthropy Can Have A Huge Impact

In places like war-torn Afghanistan, companies like Afghan Wireless internet have been able to have a big impact on the health and wellness of Afghanistan’s most vulnerable people, women and children. Philanthropic ventures like the Bayat Foundation have shown how much of an impact can be made.

The Bayat Foundation has been successful by focusing its efforts on first supplying the most basic needs of impoverished populations like clean drinking water and food. Then, they’ve helped by fulfilling other important needs like those for medical care facilities, schools and job training programs.

Educational opportunities were especially needed for Afghanistan’s female population. In some places, schools were already in place for boys. They found that schools and other vocational and job training opportunities were also needed for girls.

Outreach Must Extend To Rural Areas And Cities

Philanthropy is most helpful when it’s extended to less populated and rural areas of a country, as well as to areas where there are larger populations like cities. Philanthropy has the biggest impact when funds are distributed thoughtfully in proportion to population.