Published On: Mon, Aug 25th, 2014

New Cars: An Insight Into Why Consumers Prefer Them Over Used Models

If everyone had a choice between new and used cars, and they didn’t have to pay for their cars, they would choose new cars. But the fact is some people feel that they cannot afford to have a brand new car.


There are pros and cons to both options. Despite the economic downturn, there are growing numbers of people driving home in brand new cars. In today’s blog post, I reveal an interesting insight into the reasons why more folks prefer new cars than they did a few years ago.


It’s no secret that today’s cars are safer than those made ten or fifteen years ago. Car manufacturers want consumers to drive their cars knowing that they are not likely to come to harm in an accident.

In today’s cars, it is not uncommon to see an array of safety features as standard. Passenger and curtain (side) airbags are standard on many vehicles. Electronic stability control and ABS are two safety features that stop our cars sliding across the road in wet weather. And even seatbelt warning lights tell us when passengers forget to buckle up.


One of the biggest bugbears for all motorists is driving cars that break down a lot. Car reliability is high up on the list of priorities for new car drivers.

The thing about brand new cars is that the majority of motorists only keep them for around three years. It’s usually after that period that you have to start paying for expensive repairs and routine maintenance.

Compare the total cost of ownership between a brand new car and one that is ten years old. Let’s say you keep both cars for a period of three years. The initial cost of the new car might be more than the used one. But ongoing costs will be much less, including the cost of servicing.


About twenty years ago, cars didn’t have the technology that today’s cars have. In-dash cassette tape players were the norm and only luxury cars had climate control.

Rear parking sensors were pretty much non-existent, as were directional fog lights! When you drive around in an old car, you will soon get annoyed about not taking advantage of the latest technology.


Another reason that people buy new cars is because they want to drive the latest stylish cars. A lot of folks consider their cars as a fashionable extension of themselves.

Take Audi cars, for example. Today’s current models look more stylish, rounded and modern than their predecessors.


We all know that new cars are more expensive than used ones. But many people can get thousands off the price of new cars thanks to the Internet. Go on, for instance. On there, you will see what savings there are to make on brand new Audis.

Some dealers might throw in a year’s free insurance and car tax to sweeten the deal. Have you bought a new car? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section on this page.