Published On: Sun, Oct 27th, 2019

Look Your Best for Your Big Day

Ever since you were small you dreamed of your wedding day. The scent of flowers wafting through the air, the glimmer of soft lights, and your own loved one with eyes gleaming as you parade down the aisle. Because you want to look your best for this one of a kind moment in your life without having to resort to candles, here are some ideas to consider.

dreamed of your wedding day

Choose Professional Makeup

Have your makeup done by someone from a salon who understands skin types and has some of the professional products you may not have on hand. A makeup artist will have skills for contouring and highlighting and even for hiding flaws so you can look your best all day. If you have issues makeup cannot disguise and are considering something more permanent, consider one of the specialists skilled in rhinoplasty Ottawa relies on for natural results.

Put Up Your Hair

Whether you go with a salon stylist or a friend with skills, think about trying a hairstyle that is different from what you wear everyday. Add some beads or flowers for an attention-getting coif that will give some romance to your wedding photos. If you need a haircut, try to do it one to two weeks ahead to allow it to look more natural on your wedding day.

Nail it

Have your nails done in very soft nude tones or a French manicure so it doesn’t draw attention away from your face or dress. You might also prefer to get nails that don’t go more than one quarter inch past the end of your fingertips. Do acrylics or gel nails a day or two ahead. Painting your natural nails should be done just the day before to prevent excessive chipping.

Take a trial run with the new hairdo and makeup a few days ahead to make sure it feels right to you and compliments your dress. This can alleviate any worries you may have as the day approaches and help you look forward with confidence to your big day.