Published On: Wed, Nov 12th, 2014

Important Tools that will improve traffic to your blog

As with virtually any kind of business, you won’t make much headway without the right tools as a blogger. We take a looks at some of the tools that will improve your blogging and facilitate better results. With these tools, decent web hosting and a beautiful blog design, you are on your way to online success.

improve traffic to your blog

A Word on Hosting

To create a good image as a blogger these days you really need a domain name and to host it. This helps you gain credibility and build your blogging brand; although there is of course a cost involved. Steve, Digital Manager at suggest “you need to get hosting that is right for your blog. If you run a photo blog you might like to use a cloud service to host the images, such as Amazon. If your blog images are hotlinked then hosting the images on your server may mean you need a dedicated server to deal with the traffic. As a basic blog a shared hosting service should do the job. Just make sure that you get on a shared server that is not over-subscribed. Ask the provider for the server IP and check the sites on it.”

Emotional Appeal Analyser

This tool goes through the title of your blog post and scores the emotional appeal on a 100% scale. The score will be as higher if it is emotionally appealing. Reaching out to your reader emotionally is the first step to making your post irresistible to them. This tool features a dictionary of terms that it compares the heading of your posts to and gives you a score based on your choice of words. As a guide, always make sure your headline scores at least 60% with this tool.


HitTail is a tool that scours through your Google Webmaster Tools account to see the keywords responsible for the traffic you are getting on your site. It will then suggest blog posts for you around these keywords with the most relevant keywords being those that have the highest potential of bringing in traffic to your website.

If you are already getting traffic for particular keywords and you are yet to write a post based on them, you are missing out on even more traffic. This tool helps you see these keywords and write relevant blog posts. Very useful!

With this keyword tool, you will get hundreds of different keyword combinations for any keywords you enter. It not only shows you what Google feels are related keywords, but it will also show you long-tail keyword combinations based on those keywords.


For many webmasters, this is the tool of choice when it comes to keyword research. It goes through the search results in Google to give you an idea of your competition sites’ ranking for keywords. This will give you good ideas for content to write and also help you cut into the traffic of your competition.


This is a tool that analyses your content and gives it a score based on the keywords you are looking to rank for. It will then give you some vocabulary suggestions for your content to help improve relevance. This is very important when you consider the fact that Google is now using a semantic algorithm where synonyms and related words and phrases are vital to success.

Google Keyword Planner

This is a keyword planner that gives you an estimate of the number of monthly searches for specific keywords in specific countries, or around the world.   The results are not 100% accurate but it is a good guide if you are looking at the organic traffic for particular keyword combinations.

With these tools, a good domain name, good hosting, and great ideas, you will be able to attract more traffic through your creative, focused, targeted content.