Published On: Wed, Mar 29th, 2017

How To Choose The Right Web Hosting Service

Do you know how many web hosting companies are there in the world? Over 3.8 millions. No wonder, so many people experience difficulty in choosing a web hosting service, especially if they have no experience about that and they do not know.

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Key Factors Before Choosing Web Hosting Service

There are numerous key factors consider before choosing a best web hosting company.


Most of the people choose their web hosting service based on the price. However, this should be the important factor but not the foremost factor to selecting a good web host. If you need a good quality web hosting service than you must look for affordable price but first you have to look that features and services that they will provide your website. Apart from the price, you should compare the features of each provider offer before choosing the service.


It refers to the total time that your web server functions; it is a key determining factor about the effectiveness of your web hosting company. If a web hosting company has an established track record of high uptime percentage, it means their server always stay up and keep running. I recommend that you should look for that web hosting service which provides minimum of 99.99 percent uptime guarantee.

SDD Server Hosting

The most common website hosting is shared hosting, but when your website is sharing server space with other neighbor websites, so at the result your speed could get slow. So the better option for that, you always starts your website on SDD server. With SDD server hosting, you can increase the speed of your website by 300 percent.

Customer Support

If by chance you site have some issues or in general, websites have various issues from time to time. Ensure that your hosting service provider offers 24/7 customer support and provide immediate solution to both common and complex issues. You should select that hosting company, which have a good reputations over tech support offer multiple levels of support, such as email, toll-free phone, live chat and more.

Money Back Guaranty

Choose that web hosting company that will provide you any time money back guaranty in addition to their standard guarantee. That means after a certain period expire, you can still cancel your account at any time.