Published On: Tue, Jun 10th, 2014

Here’s Why Owning A Car Is Better Than Using Public Transport

It’s no secret that greenhouse gas emissions are on the increase. The powers that be in many governments around the world are pushing for people to use their country’s public transport systems more than their own cars.

After all, catching a bus or going on a train to your destination will decrease the amount of carbon emissions entering the atmosphere. But did you know that, in many cases, owning a car and using that rather than public transport is a better idea? Here’s why!

Better Than Using Public Transport

Public transport can suck

When you are commuting across a major city, you will doubtless benefit from the more-than adequate public transport provision.

For example, if you live in central London, you can benefit from the world-famous tube train system known as the London Underground, as well as bus, tram and ferry services.

If you live in some remote village with only flora and fauna for company, you won’t have access to such an excellent public transport network. In those situations, owning a car is your only option.

Even if you “cross the pond” as it were and head to the United States, you will be shocked to learn how many major towns and cities do not benefit from a well-provisioned public transport network!

Carrying cargo on public transport isn’t possible

Have you just done a large amount of grocery shopping? If so, you will know that the only way that you can easily and conveniently transport your precious cargo of food and drink is by car.

Buses have a limited amount of space for cargo and are often full of people, especially during rush hour. Train networks aren’t as widespread as buses (especially in the United States).

The situation can be worse if you have a baby or small child in tow, and you additionally need to transport their pram or buggy, as well as a bag with essential items for your child’s needs.


One of the biggest issues that commuters face when using public transport is safety. Although people are statistically safer when travelling during daylight hours, it’s the nighttime that the most unsavoury elements of society start to emerge.

If you are a lone traveller, especially if you are female, travelling on public transport at night can sometimes be quite dangerous.

Mark from Thames Motor Group in Marlow also made the point that in some countries, female train passengers have to travel in designated female-only carriages for their own personal safety!


It goes without saying that one of the biggest bugbears that people have with public transport is punctuality. In my younger days, I had to travel on two consecutive buses to get to work in the morning.

I’d say that at least once a week I ended up being late for work because of buses not arriving when they were supposed to. As a car owner, you have the flexibility of planning your departure time precisely so that you end up at your destination on time.