Published On: Thu, Mar 31st, 2016

Here’s How Big Businesses Use Tech!

In today’s world, technology is a vital part of life. Not just for individuals, but for businesses too. Recently, I took a look at some of the biggest industries and saw how businesses were using tech. Here’s what I found out:

Retail Businesses

Retail businesses are perhaps the biggest users of technology in this day and age. In fact, they’ve started using it so much that many retail companies are solely operating online. The world of ecommerce has been born out of retail businesses using online technology to sell products. However, there are still ways that retail shops use tech too. Most notably, they use modern points of sale, which allow customers various payment options. Instead of paying via chip & pin, you can now pay with contactless methods, like Apple Pay. There are also self-serving checkouts in many big retail chains. These save time and allow people to serve themselves when they finish shopping.

Audimas retail store

Oil & Gas Businesses

The oil & industry is one of the most wealthy on the planet. Most people are aware of how much oil is worth, and some of the richest people in the world earn their billions from it. But, it’s also an industry jampacked full of technology. Oil companies often use software like OrcaFlex to help with designing risers for their rigs and loads of other important things. The amount of data analysis software in this industry is astounding. Then, think about the technology it takes to drill for oil and extract it. That may sound simple, but you require some very advanced tech to do it.

Hospitality Businesses

For me, the hospitality industry has been ahead of its time. For years, people have been using key cards to enter their hotel rooms. They don’t see like much but are a nifty bit of tech that saves time and money as you don’t have to produce hundreds of keys. Recently, businesses have taken advantage of mobile technology and implemented mobile booking services. This gives guests the chance to book a hotel while on a bus ride to the location. It’s super handy if you need to make a last minute booking when you’re nowhere near a computer.

Automotive Businesses

Car manufacturers have been using advanced technology for many years. On the production floor, there are robots that help to put the cars together. If that isn’t enough, we have hybrid engines that combine petrol and electric engine tech into one. Then, there’s a whole host of in-car tech and gadgets to enjoy. Parking sensors, braking assistance, rear/front view cameras, etc. There’s so much amazing technology packed into every single car being made. And, things are set to get even more advanced and crazy as the years go by.

So, now you know how some of the biggest businesses use technology. It’s scary to think how much they all rely on tech to succeed. Take technology away from all these businesses, and you’ll see them crumble and struggle to stay afloat. It’s essential, and it will only get better and more important as life moves forward.