Published On: Tue, May 5th, 2015

GetMeDigital and Other Comparison Sites – Why Are They so Useful?

As you’re probably aware, the sheer amount of digital services in this day and age is mind bogglingly huge.
In 2014 alone, well over one billion (with a ‘b’) smartphones were shipped worldwide.
Google installed Google Fibre (a very high speed internet service) in three US cities and there is no sign of this slowing.
13 new TV channels were added to UK broadcasts just in that year alone.

digital age

In short, the digital age is constantly delivering new and improved technology and services to people. The double edged sword is that the choices are so numerous; they could each be counted up as the amount of winnings of an international lottery. So being overwhelmed by it all is nothing new.


Several clever companies saw this problem happening some time ago and put together the notion of comparison sites. Finding the best deal for anything should be everyone’s priority so it’s only natural such sites would come into existence. Up until recently, most comparison sites offered comparisons on insurance (certainly a big help), then came some that compared phones, internet and TV packages offered by the big providers (and smaller ones too).

Then, an interesting site appeared. Namely, This particular site offers a range of services to help you solve more digital problems. The company itself is an extension of something called the RDI, or Registered Digital Installers. Engineers that are registered with this company are capable of performing high quality work in a safe and effective manner. Its main concern is with finding deals for digital tradesmen that specialise in a large array of things from repairing a poor digital TV reception to installing CCTV systems.


It’s worth mentioning that, yes, most large companies provide your phone, TV and internet packages and they can send their own engineers to install all this and fix any issues you might have too. The problem is that they can add charges to your monthly bill for doing so, the waiting time is inconvenient and the time frame itself may as well be the whole day. By using, you can find a nearby tradesman who are more eager to please and can usually perform any required work to a professional standard within very reasonable timelines. Not only that, but there’s an option to rate them too for their quality of work and service.

The “About us” section of the website says that they want information accessible to all age ranges. This is an often overlooked feature. It is one thing having grown up with the expansion of the internet, but the newer generations will need more guidance on the use of it considering how massive it now is. has a news section that stays abreast of the latest developments in the technological world that matter to the consumer, making it easier for the internet generation to pass their wisdom down to those who could benefit from it the most.

Friendly Wi-Fi

A scheme called “Friendly Wi-Fi” also exists as part of the RDIs operations. Being able to connect wirelessly to any hotspot is indeed useful. The urge to check Facebook constantly can be sated more than ever. However, with all the good of the internet, you also get the bad. Child sexual abuse images are, sadly, still a thing along with mountains of pornography. “Friendly Wi-Fi” is a set of rules that prevent access to such sites and images (which are guided by the Internet Watch Foundation).
What this means is that not only are you safe from harmful content, but so are any of your children (if you have them). Online safety for children should be a more pressing concern, but thanks to the efforts made with the Friendly Wi-Fi protocols, you relax in the knowledge that your children will be safe surfing the internet.

The unsung heroes of this are indeed the Internet Watch Foundation. Thanks to their efforts, more the five hundred thousand websites have been screened since its inception in the 90s. No child sexual abuse image exists for more than sixty minutes that’s hosted in the UK, which is pretty amazing considering the sheer size of the internet. There’s also an option for anonymous reporting of such malicious images or content, further increasing the effectiveness of its reach.

In summary, finding what’s best for what you want is an on-going campaign with no true resolution in sight. However, there are always options to help you narrow, refine and improve what choices you can make. If you are ever stuck or frustrated, consider looking at the GetMeDigital website to see how you can satisfy your requirements.