Published On: Tue, Sep 9th, 2014

Future Technology You Might Find In All New Cars By 2020

Technology is a wonderful thing. It helps everyone each day and makes our lives easier, more pleasant and comfortable. Smartphones let us communicate with the outside world when we can’t be near a computer. Planes let us fly from one destination to another in a short period.

Car technologyAnd cars enable us to get from A to B in style and comfort. Car technology is always evolving, and today’s cars are more modern and advanced than the cars of twenty or thirty years ago! When we look to the future, what do we see in sight for the cars we will soon be buying?

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In this blog post, I explore what technology we are likely to see as standard in cars before the year 2020.

Advanced warning systems

It’s no secret that the cars of today have many complex electronic warning systems. For instance, if we spin our drive-wheels in the rain, the traction control system will light up a warning lamp on the dashboard.

And what if something is wrong under the hood? Don’t worry because your car has got you covered! The CEL (check engine light) will wink at you to grab your attention.

The cars of the future are likely to have advanced warning systems. For instance, your car might be able to warn you that a pedestrian is running out into the road – even before you see them!

What about those pesky drivers that merge into your lane without using their turn signals? Cars made by 2020 will most likely have warning systems to alert you.

Rear-view cameras

According to Jeff from, some cars today have rear-view camera systems as standard.

But looking forward to 2020, it’s likely all new cars will feature them as standard. That’s because of proposals by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. But that’s not all!

Some car makers are proposing to add 360-degree camera systems to their future cars. Such cameras would be useful when trying to navigate around the car’s blind spots.

Night vision

Let’s face it; all car owners use their headlights during the hours of darkness. But what if your headlights have trouble illuminating everything in the distance?

Instead of blinding oncoming traffic with high-beam lights, future cars could use night vision! It’s likely that such a system would incorporate augmented reality technology. And it might make sense to overlay night vision scenery on the windshield.

Adaptive cruise control

I love cruise control! It’s a great way of relaxing on a long car journey down the interstate without having to adjust your speed all the time.

The only trouble is, when you approach a car driving ahead you need to slow down or you risk rear-ending them!

Adaptive cruise control builds on existing cruise control technology. With it, it can slow your car down when it detects another vehicle ahead of you. It has obvious safety advantages, and it’s likely the cars of 2020 will have adaptive cruise control as standard.
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