Published On: Sat, Jul 2nd, 2016

Four ways for good ventilation design

Little details matter when you are putting together a building. People are going to spend months, maybe years of their lives in and around that structure. Maybe you will be one of them. That is why you want to consider every single factor when you are planning and putting it together. Here are four ways that you may want to pay more attention to the design of the ventilation system and how it is constructed.

Air Flow

Air Flow

Air flow is crucial. Human beings need a constant supply of fresh air to be productive and happy. Without constant replenishment of every corner in an indoor environment the air will turn stale, mold will prosper and odors will begin to linger. Proper design is essential in this area. However, people also have a habit of filling an area with any number of large objects that block the ventilation, redirect the air flow and generally frustrate the intentions of the designer. Adjustable louvers are helpful in correcting these issues. They can be used to focus the air on hard to reach spots, maintain proper flow and minimize inconvenience.

Hot Spots and Cold Spots

Everyone knows the misery of sitting directly under an air vent. Whether it is too hot or it is too cold, it is extremely uncomfortable. This can be a problem with outdoor installations as well, when hot air is vented in a wrong place or the ventilator is set somewhere that it will have to resist rain or weather. Being able to adjust the louvers can make an enormous difference in utility and efficiency.

Efficiency and Power Use

People are learning that little differences mean a lot when it come to power use. Placing the airflow exactly where it needs to be can make an enormous change in the electricity needed. The ability to securely close off heating and air conditioning to parts of the facility that are not in use can lead directly to big savings.


Metal louvers last for a very long time, and their ability to resist corrosion and weather penetration cannot be matched. Working on construction is always thinking in the long term. You cannot be sure that the future owners of the building will be as responsible as you. What you can be sure of is that the ventilation system they get is so well thought out and well constructed that they might never have a serious problem with it. The comfort of generations may be at your command, and the right decisions with ventilation design, air flow and ductwork now could make a difference for lifetimes.