Published On: Wed, Sep 27th, 2017

Five Ways Digital Signage Benefits Supermarket Shoppers

With so much competition in the supermarket industry, owners must do everything they can to stand out from the crowd. Naturally, every owner wants to make his or her supermarket the go-to place to shop for everything! Most shoppers are looking for a low-stress shopping experience in a place that is clean and inviting. A growing number of supermarket owners are using digital signage to enhance communication with shoppers. They want their shoppers to have the information they need as they travel through the store checking things off their list. Discover five ways digital signage is beneficial to shoppers in a supermarket.

Digital SignageSavings on Every Shopping Trip

Digital signage can be used to advertise sales and promotions happening in a supermarket each day. Some individuals don’t have time to check the traditional circular before traveling to the store for their weekly shopping trip. In addition, some shoppers don’t have the chance to hunt down coupons and clip them so they will be ready to submit them at checkout. With digital signage, all shoppers have access to information about sales, promotions and virtual coupons as they shop. They can incorporate the savings into items they buy on a regular basis as well as things they purchase once in a while. Most families appreciate being able to look at their savings after every trip to the supermarket.

Improvements on Traditional Recipes

Some shoppers go into a supermarket with a list of ingredients for a specific meal they plan to make during the week. Perhaps it’s a meal they’ve made many times before. Supermarket owners can use digital signage to advertise new products that may put a fresh twist on traditional recipes. This can give shoppers who are looking for specific ingredients a new way to prepare a favorite meal to make it even better. This is great way to help shoppers make their weekly meals more interesting.

Ideas for New Dishes

There are many shoppers who walk into a supermarket looking for something new to put onto the table for dinner. Perhaps they have one or two ingredients in mind, but no more than that. Digital signage can be used to highlight delicious recipes shoppers may want to try. Furthermore, the ingredients for each recipe are available for sale in the store. Displaying a series of vibrant photos of various dishes can be an effective way to convince shoppers to try something new.

Easy Store Navigation

Today’s supermarkets are getting larger as well as offering more products than ever before. This means that some shoppers may need help locating various products or brands. Digital signage is ideal for helping shoppers find what they need. For instance, a digital sign may feature a colorful map of the supermarket that allows shoppers to determine exactly where they need to go to find a particular item. In addition to being convenient for shoppers, a store owner can avoid hiring employees to circulate through the store providing directions to shoppers who need assistance with finding products.

A Welcoming Atmosphere

Digital signage is colorful, animated and easy to understand. A supermarket can get signage featuring its logo, color theme, engaging music and more. In short, the signage is dynamic and attractive to shoppers. This adds to the welcoming atmosphere within the grocery store. Supermarket owners who learn more about digital signage are able to make their stores more customer-friendly.

Finally, supermarket owners who use digital signage are able to change the information conveyed by the signs whenever they need to. Perhaps the owner wants to advertise a flash sale on a particular type of cleaning product or a popular item in the bakery department. This would be an easy process with digital signage. So, information on sales and promotions would always be up to date giving people the opportunity to shop in a quick and efficient way.