Published On: Fri, Oct 14th, 2016

Dominate Your Next Trade Show with These Tips!

Simply attending a trade show with your company doesn’t guarantee success. You need to make sure you stand out. As you’ve probably guessed, this article is filled with advice to help you do just that!

trade show

Get creative with the display

You want your display to stand out from everyone else’s, right? For a lot of business owners, this means making their branding as loud as possible. They seem to think that they’re limited to the colors they use. (And, sometimes, the attractiveness of the people they have at the stand!)

But you have so many possibilities when it comes to creative a great display. You could experiment with the lighting. You could use screens to show off unique and humorous videos. You could use CNC routing to design and create unique props and other objects from a variety of materials. Do remember that there’s a limit to what you should do to get attention, though. Music can seem like a good idea at first. But you’d probably have to have to up pretty loud. People at the other displays won’t like that so much!

Make your giveaways practical

A lot of the giveaways at these events are kinda useless. “Junk”, to use a more blunt word. Badges, keyrings, that sort of thing. They might seem cool, but no-one will actually use them. Things like pens and notepads are much more practical.

Of course, a popular giveaway at these events is food. People can get pretty hungry at these things, after all, and the food the venue serves is often expensive. Giving away snacks with branded packaging is a great way to lure people to your stand. Try not to be too offended if they just grab a snack and walk away, though.

Market yourself effectively beforehand

People don’t always go to these events completely blind. And by “people”, I’m talking about the potential customers, clients, and partners that you need to impress! Quite often, these people are going to be following the event beforehand on social media.

This is where you can get yourself in people’s memories before the event even occurs. The event organizer will probably have a social media handle. Use these handles in your own social media posts about the upcoming event. Hashtags regarding the event will also be useful. Our posts will probably land in the sights of people following the event. If you’re posting good content and information, people will take notice. They may even seek you out on the day!

Get out there!

Don’t be a hermit at these trade shows. Sure, you might think you’re being outgoing and adventurous enough simply being there. But the truth is that it’s possible to spend too much time at your own display. Even wandering within the close proximity can call your attention to people who look like they’d dig your display.

But actually taking the time to get out there and see the other displays is a good idea, too. Not only will you see more people who you can point towards your stand, but you’ll also see what the other businesses are doing. Pay attention to what attracts you to certain displays. Can you implement such things into your own display now?