Published On: Wed, Nov 19th, 2014

Audi A6: Amazing Value Or Waste Of Money?

With Audi just about to release its new vehicle concept, we decided to take a look at the Audi A6. The new 2014 edition vehicle is a huge hit and is one of the world’s best-selling luxury cars. A mix of affordability and luxury, the car is the perfect middle-ground. There is a great deal of hype surrounding the vehicle, but what is the truth of the matter? Is the Audi A6 amazing value or just a waste of money? Here is everything you need to know.

2014 Audi A6

Easy to drive

One of the things you may have heard about the A6 is that it is easy to drive. That is only true if you are a skilled driver. People who are new to the world of luxury cars may find that the vehicle is hard to control. The car is sensitive to changes in the environment, and so it will take an expert driver to control it. The vehicle is light to drive, which is great if you’re a fan of speed. If not, you might find that the A6 is a little too powerful for your tastes.

Handwriting recognition

If you’re looking for a James Bond style car, the A6 might be the one for you. One of the coolest new features in the Audi A6 2014 is handwriting recognition. The touchscreen interface in the car recognizes handwriting. That means that drivers can write what they want the car to do, and it will do it. Of course, there are a few bugs in this system. You have to make sure that your writing is clear so that the interface can understand it.

Special features

Aside from the handwriting recognition feature, there are loads of other new, cool features to the Audi A6. If you want to send text messages while you are driving, the A6 makes it easier than ever. The car uses Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone. The interface has a voice recognition feature, which means that you can send text messages by speaking to the system. That means that you can talk through a text message and say ‘send.’ You can also make and receive calls using this feature.

Safety features

There are loads of safety features to the new A6. When there is a crash, the car automatically unlocks itself, which means that it is easy to get out of in emergencies. There are also high-tech airbags and sensory devices that detect where people are sitting in the car. If that’s not enough, the car has the latest in cruise control and new safety technology. There are cameras in the back of the car so that there is no longer such thing as a ‘blind spot.’ Experts have rated the car as one of the safest new vehicles of 2014.

Luxury name, budget price

Much of the time, people associate Audi with expense. The new range of Audi vehicles cost less than your average luxury vehicle. That means that the Audi A6 is a great alternative for people on a low budget. Leasing an Audi is an affordable way to get your hands on the new edition. Over the years, Audi have had a wide range of luxury sports cars. The German-based company is now attempting to reach new markets.

Entertainment and audio

One area in which the A6 is average is in the entertainment department. Whilst the car has all the latest gadgets and audio functions, it is not doing anything innovative in the area. The speaker system is high-quality and you can sync the interface with most modern devices. Of course, there are easy ways to customize the entertainment system, and so you can make more of what you have in your vehicle.

Fuel economy

If you are looking to save money on fuel, the A6 is one of the better cars you can choose. The new A6 weighs much less than previous models. That means that it can use less fuel to cover more distance. Many people assume that Audis guzzle fuel, but that is not always the case. The engineers have streamlined the latest model, meaning that it uses less fuel than other luxury vehicles. There are also ways in which you can save fuel for yourself, by lowering your average speed.

Heated seats

If there is one thing that says luxury, it is seating that heats up. The latest Audi seating is great for your posture and your comfort. The memory foam seats mold to your shape when you sit down. When you are getting a little cold, you can turn the heaters on, and the seats will warm up in no time at all. Unfortunately, only the front seats heat up, and so it might leave the people in the back a little chilly. You can adjust the seats to various positions for your comfort too. The mirrors also heat up to clear them when they get misty.

Interior design

The interior design of the A6 is just what you imagine it to be. There is a high-level of craftsmanship in the seating and interior fixtures. You can opt to have tinted windows and extras, such as seat tables and arms. The vehicle itself is a pleasure to sit inside, but is it anything different? The reality is that the A6 is just like every other Audi in the world. It is excellent, but it’s not innovative or different.

Exterior design

The exterior of the new A6 is sleek and sophisticated. The designers have kept the Audi ideals at the heart of this vehicle, and it shows. The design is simplistic, yet charming. One thing that you are sure to notice when you look at the vehicle is that it is slimmer than previous models. The designers have worked to slim-down the A6 to give it a more luxurious look.

Is it worth it?

If you are looking for a luxury vehicle that is affordable, the Audi A6 is the perfect car for you. The special features and safety features of the car are astounding. The main drawback of the car is that it offers little by way of a new design, but some customers will find that appealing, as it is classic.