Published On: Wed, Jun 11th, 2014

Apps to Make Moving Home a Breeze


We all know that moving home can be extremely stressful and scary. If you’ve never moved home before, you’re in for a treat! There’s so much to think about and remember, that sometimes you feel like scrapping the idea altogether and moving back in with your parents (or is that just me?)! Not only do you have to spend months on end searching for the perfect house, but you need to decorate it, get all of your stuff there safely, and settle in as effectively as possible. But what can help you do this? Modern day mobile phones, otherwise known as smartphones, can solve a whole range of problems we face daily, including moving home! Read on to learn how to make moving home a breeze with the following apps:


Crime Map England and Wales

This app allows you to view where the worst areas of crime and anti social behaviour are in England and Wales, assuming that’s the region you’re moving in. It’s great if you’d like to check the safety of your new neighborhood, so you can focus on enjoying your new home rather than worrying about whether it’s going to get broken into. If you find potential neighborhoods in England and Wales are far too crime heavy for you, you could always get in touch with who will help you move home in Australia, where the crime rate is much lower! You’ll never have to worry about your family’s safety again with the help of apps like this.

The internet is a necessity that many of us couldn’t live without these days, so this app is perfect for checking the broadband connection speed for any fixed address, right from your mobile phone! Now you can be certain you’ll get all of your projects completed, your kids will get all of their homework done, and even that you can catch up with your friends on Facebook. Cool, huh?

Sun Seeker 3D Augmented Reality Viewer

This app is a fantastic help when it comes to deciding what colour to paint your new bedroom/living room/kitchen. It allows you to determine the lighting in a room, which is a great help when you want to choose the most fabulous colour to make your walls pop. Choosing a colour is hard enough as it is, only made harder when you paint the room, only to realise that it looks a different shade. This app will eliminate the risk of you not liking the colour!

Rightmove Property Search

Rightmove is the biggest property app you can find, letting you look at thousands of homes for rent/sale relevant to the search term you put in. The properties always have a full description and multiple, high quality images for you to look at.

UK Mortgages

Search the mortgage market for a mortgage with this simple app, and even get in touch with mortgage brokers to answer any burning questions! It also comes with a mortgage calculator to help you work out a variety of important figures.

Now you can move home without all of the stress involved!