Published On: Thu, May 1st, 2014

A Savvy Mum’s Guide To Buying A Car

Shopping around for a new car can sometimes be quite stressful, but if you are the mother of young children, this can soon develop into something of a nightmare! It’s a pretty well-known fact that some car salespeople seem to treat females in a rather condescending manner, and only really taking the male folk seriously for some stupid reason.

Guide To Buying A Car

Millions of women around the world buy cars on a daily basis, and a large number of those women have young families in tow. The good news is that if you come across a dinosaur of a salesperson who clearly has a problem with gender equality in today’s modern world, you can simply vote with your feet and walk out the door, straight into a competing dealership who would be more than happy to discuss your automotive needs with you!

If you are a mum and you want to buy a car soon, this no-nonsense guide will tell you all you need to know about buying the perfect car for your needs.

What to do if you have a baby

Mums with babies tend to generally take their newborns with them in the car whenever they need to go places.

Assuming that you currently possess a car, you should consider trying out your existing baby seat in the car that you want to buy (obviously making sure you remove the baby first!), because some cars might not be baby-friendly – such as those without Isofix points.

Car dealers generally know that a lot of their customers will need to transport babies with them in the car, so they will normally be happy for you to give your baby seat a test drive in the car you are thinking of buying. The last thing you want to do is buy your dream car only to discover that it’s a nightmare to get your baby in and out of!


Choosing the right type of car

Parents will typically opt for cars where it is fairly straightforward to get youngsters in and out of the car with little trouble. For mums with older kids (and no babies in tow), the choice is pretty much limitless – aside from your bank balance, of course!

As strange as it sounds a lot of mums tend to opt for more-luxurious cars such as the Lexus IS 250, according to a salesman friend of mine that works for the Jardine Motors Group. This is because they are interested in cars that have a solid reputation, reliable build quality, and the latest safety and communications technology.


As a mum, safety is going to be of paramount importance when it comes to choosing your next car. Many car manufacturers allow their cars to be tested in various NCAP safety tests, as these independent and often government-funded organisations can determine how safe a car is from a driver’s, passenger’s and pedestrian’s point of view.

You should also check out some online reviews of the cars you are interested in, so that you can determine just how safe each car is from an everyday driving perspective.