Published On: Sat, Sep 20th, 2014

5 Blogs You Should Follow As An E-Commerce Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, the world as you know it is consistently changing. Stagnant thinking while running a small business may just be the action that runs you out of business. If you are interested in staying relevant, particularly within the ever-changing e-commerce platform, you must gather information on a daily basis.

The internet has made information and potential specific knowledge available to everyone with a computer and connection. Although this helps to solve problems more quickly, it also makes the world more competitive, where business owners are always looking for new, relevant information that can propel their business forward.

LinkedIn logoBelow are the top five blogs you should consider as daily reads for your management team, especially emphasizing on the informational impact the data will have within your organization.

Daily Reads for E-Commerce Entrepreneurs

PandoDaily – This blog comes straight from the heart of the Silicon Valley with emphasis on top trending tech news from executives spread across the valley. If you are involved in the e-commerce space, staying relevant within the tech environment is important, especially following the advice and interviews of successful internet companies. Most of the writing staff comes from TechCrunch, so the talent is all there, providing adequate information for your company.

Quora – Have you ever wanted to know the answer to something but couldn’t find it? The internet offers pretty much any information you would need on a daily basis, but most of that information is comprised of individual sources that may not be reputable. This blogging site solves that problem and passes the validity test with flying colors. This is due to the extensive network of distinguished individuals involved with answering any questions you may have. Instead of asking a medical question in google, hoping for a valid response, doctors from top institutions around the world provide answers. In addition, you can follow any entrepreneur you want to follow, from Mark Cuban to Mark Zuckerberg, gaining insight into their knowledge and strategies.

Both Sides of the Table – This blog is one of the least recognizable on this list, but the man who started it has been around the block. The blog is praised by many business professionals throughout the world, not just start-ups and e-commerce entrepreneurs. If you are interested in solving business problems and breaking down complex situations into usable interpretations, this blog is one to check out.

LinkedIn Today – Looking for business contacts? Every entrepreneur should be connected via LinkedIn as it provides concrete opportunities for business expansion and business relationships. If you need distributors, marketing advice, or specific knowledge about different business aspects, LinkedIn Today is an excellent blog and communication platform. Based on your profile and requested information, LinkedIn Today will help do the work for you in connecting like-minded people within your area of business. It is an excellent source of entrepreneurship and business news all in one place.

Church of the Customer – Don’t want to make a mistake someone has already made? If you were able to solve a problem before it escalated into huge losses, would you not jump at the opportunity? Church of the Customer helps you minimize business mistakes by posting previous mistakes made by business professionals and entrepreneurs, specifically marketing and sales mistakes involving customer service and customer relationship management. E-commerce is a space that is all about attracting and retaining customers. Therefore, if you are interested in providing top-notch customer service, I would recommend investing a little time every morning to this blog read. Forbes magazine has called it one the “Best of the Web Small Business Blogs.”

The writer, Matthew Hall, is himself a successful ecommerce entrepreneur who shares some of his secrets through writing. To help facilitate the sales process of his business, he outsources the checkout process to FastSpring. You can learn more about Matthew by visiting Google+.