Published On: Tue, Jan 6th, 2015

5 Awesome Wix Apps You Should Be Using to Improve Your Business Website

There’s no end to the list of things we can do with our websites these days.

From dazzling our visitors with impressive video content to generating a full time income by selling products, via appointment booking and more, it’s all possible without the need for shelling out big money to a professional web developer.

Wix Apps

Sure, such web-savvy experts could code you up a completely customized tool for in exchange for a large sum, but in most cases, this is hardly a necessity, not when there’s already a huge range of third-party apps available that you can simply plug in and set to work on improving your website.

The same is as true of popular Content Management Systems such as Drupal and Joomla as it of well-used DIY site building tools such as Wix. Ranking highly among the top website builders online, Wix’s enviable reputation in the site building world is thanks in no small part to its expansive App Market, providing even novice website makers with all the tools they’ll need to add greater functionality to their sites without any technical know-how needed.

Here’s a look at just some of the awesome Wix apps you could be using right now to provide your customers with a better experience when checking out your website.

1)  Live Chat

Live chat via websites has become increasingly popular in recent years, so it’s no surprising that, in a recent survey carried out by Wix themselves, their users voted the Wix Live Chat App as their favourite.

A particularly powerful tool for businesses, installing live chat on your website empowers you to better serve your customers at all stages of the purchasing process. As ideal for making sales as it is for providing customer support, Live Chat takes just a couple of clicks to install. Once it’s done, you’ll start reaping the benefits immediately.

2) 123ContactForm

Live Chat is great for those times when you’re actively at your computer, but for those out-of-office hours, or for visitors who prefer email as their communication method of choice, you’re going to need a contact form.

That’s where 123ContactForm comes in. Again, you won’t need any technical experience here, just set things up by dragging, dropping and clicking, and you’ll have a fully-functioning contact form working in no time.

As if that wasn’t enough, you can also use this app to create customer surveys, event registrations and those all important forms that allow your visitors to request a free quote.

3) TargetHero

In a world of social media and viral marketing, email can still be an incredibly valuable tool for promoting your business and attracting visitors to your website. Whilst standalone platforms such as Aweber and MailChimp do exist, TargetHero integrates perfectly with your Wix website.

Once installed, the app places everyone who registers at your website onto lists that you created, helping you to send out more targeted emails. Much like Mailchimp and similar programs, it also provides valuable data about your email campaigns, such as who opened your messages, which bounced and more.

4) Appointment Booking

Ideal for those whose business depends on booking in customer appointments, this handy little app does most of the hard work for you, freeing up your time to get on with what you do best.

Customers can book an appointment directly through your website and receive reminder notifications to help reduce missed appointments, whilst your online schedule will be automatically updated, helping you to better manage your time.

5) Appforma Coupons

Rewarding customers old and new alike with discounts, or even freebies, can be a powerful way to increase brand loyalty, generate new sales leads and boost your site traffic. AppForma Coupons allows you to do just that, and more, all from one simple Wix app.

Many of these apps will enhance your website in it’s functionality and performance. Giving your customers extra features to use and hopefully converting customers into sales.