Published On: Sat, Aug 1st, 2020

3 Trucking Company Options

Whether deciding to find work as a trucker with an existing company or starting one from scratch, there are options to consider. The type of product being moved will dictate what type of vehicle it can be moved in. Meat and seafood, for instance, cannot be transported in a truck that does not have proper cooling equipment installed. Think about the kind of work that appeals the most before making a decision.

Trucking Company Options

1. Agriculture

Livestock and crops fall under the category of agriculture. Vehicles that move animals from place to place will need to be outfitted differently than those that move vegetables or fruits. Businesses like grain transport companies can specialize in a few particular items to ensure all their vehicles are suitable for the jobs they take on.

2. Moving

Professional movers who can be trusted to move valuables from place to place are always in demand. Not everyone has the ability or desire to rent their own truck and drive across the country with all of their belongings. Anyone working for a moving company should be able to efficiently pack a truck with oddly shaped items of varying fragility levels without breaking anything. It is likely that the driver will need to interact with the homeowners during the moving process. Good people skills are a bonus, as moving can be a very stressful time for people, so they may not be entirely focused.

3. Commercial

There is a huge variety of products that count as commercial transport items. Some of the items may be hazardous materials. If that is the case, then a special hazard endorsement is necessary for any driver who will be taking that cargo load anywhere. Food products may need to be kept cool or frozen during the trip, which means that the truck will need special equipment. The driver will need to know how to operate the equipment safely and be prepared to handle any emergencies should there be an emergency once they are out on the route. Hauling things that do not need as much special attention, like dry goods or paper products may involve fewer steps.

Being a truck driver can be a great job for people who enjoy driving for long periods of time. A high school diploma is sometimes required, along with a commercial driver’s license and possibly a hazard endorsement. It does not have to be completely solitary, as some truckers who regularly travel long distances bring a partner to share responsibilities with.