Published On: Mon, Oct 5th, 2020

3 Resources for Students on a Strict Budget

Many college students suffer from financial issues. It is an ongoing stereotype that college students are chronically strapped for cash, subsisting on ramen and boxed macaroni. Textbooks represent a significant strain on many students’ budgets. Therefore, it is important for college students to be aware of all the resources available to them. Here are three affordable resources for students carefully watching their spending.


1. Library

The best source for any student is the library. This can be a university library or a local public library. Libraries will often loan students textbooks for a period of time or allow them access to the textbooks while on library grounds. Some university libraries even provide access to online journals and other resources.

2. Internet

The internet is another useful resource. Electronic copies of textbooks, if allowed, are generally less pricy than their physical counterparts. Some sites provide free PDFs of textbooks. Others like Bentham Science Open allow free access to journals, etexts and other publications that are helpful when doing research. However, when using sites that provide free copies of any material, whether this is a PDF or journals like those on Bentham Open, it is important to carefully research them first, as some sites are not legal and others are not reputable. It is important to obey the law and not use any pirated sources. It is also necessary to check on the credibility of sources used as the credibility of the sources can impact the credibility of your own work.

3. Used Books

New is not always better. Sometimes used is just as good, and this is the case when it comes to textbooks. Purchasing previously owned textbooks can considerably cut down on the costs associated with college. There is also the option to rent textbooks and return them when you no longer need to use them.

College is difficult enough without the added burden of looming costs. While the resources listed here will not eliminate financial worries, they will help lighten the load.