Published On: Mon, Dec 15th, 2014

12 Reasons why Bilinguals Have More Fun

There is no denying it! Bilinguals are way cooler than people who can speak just one language. The practical benefits of being able to converse with more people aside, being bilingual definitely makes your life more interesting in terms of the people you meet and the opportunities you get.


If you are wondering whether to start learning another language or not, here are some perks of being bilingual to help you decide:-

You make more friends: Being bilingual lets you make friends you otherwise would not have, as people connect better with people who can speak their language. Knowing more languages means you can converse with more people and make more friends.

People think you are interesting: Thanks to the advantages of understanding the history, music and literature of other cultures, you are more tolerant to differences. No wonder people like you and think that you are an interesting person to hang out with!

Travel has never been more fun:People you meet while traveling find you more interesting if you know multiple languages and have an understanding of other cultures. You have already made a friend when you greet a Spanish person you just met with ‘Cómoestás.’The result is more happy memories from the road to cherish!
You are smarter than the rest: Studies have proved that people who are bilingual are smarter than people who speak just one language, thanks to the more number of connections in your grey matter your brain developed while you struggled to learn your second language.

You do better at school:Learning a second language has given your brain increased attention, focus, and cognition. No wonder you cruise through schoolwork your friends struggle with!

You shine at work: Knowing multiple languages definitely looks great on your resume. When your boss or co-workers hears you speak another language fluently, they are impressed. They think that you are a superhuman language learning machine, and being taken for smart and intelligent at work has its perks!

You earn more: People are ready to pay you more because you are smarter, proficient in multiple languages and more interesting than the average monolingual person. Statistics also show that bilinguals earn more than their monolingual peers, especially if you live in a city where two languages are dominant (example: in San Diego, Spanish is very common along with English.)

More Opportunities: Being bilingual, you get more opportunities career wise too. You could always become a translator or a language tutor in another country, and it is easy for you to move to a country where your ‘other language’ is spoken.

You are better at your native language than the rest: Thanks to the enhanced learning capacity your brain develops while you learn a second language, your native language gets enhanced too. Your speech has more clarity in ideas and diction than that of most people you meet.

You can have a private conversation wherever you are: Because people have trouble understanding your ‘other language’, you always have your secret code. You can converse with another person in front of others in your second language and nobody understands a thing! Now, that’s great fun!

You can always learn another new language: Having conquered a second language, your brain knows how it works. It is easier for a bilingual person to learn a new language even in their adulthood than it is for most monolingual people. Being bilingual certainly rocks!

A happier old age:Being bilingual gives your brain a steady neurological workout and keeps it in shape, and delays the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia as well as other neurological issues, making you a happier person in your old age than a monolingual person.

There is no limit to the perks of being bilingual, andit is never too late to learn a new language. It will surely be a fun, challenging and rewarding experience. So, when are you signing up for that ‘Spanish language tutorial’?