Published On: Wed, Dec 30th, 2020

Zipping Through Tips for Driving Safely in Parking Lots

Shopping mall parking lots can be hectic, busy places. Eager drivers often bolt toward empty spots near mall entrances; this action makes lots particularly hazardous places for both other drivers and pedestrians. As a responsible driver, you know you need to take extra care when visiting crowded shopping centers. These are the precautions you can take to ensure you do not become a parking lot accident-report statistic.

Driving Safely in Parking Lots

Slow Down

Most cars you will find on the road do not have a supercar’s maneuverability and stopping power. Even those mechanically elite vehicles can not halt on a dime. The faster you drive, the harder you will find it to brake or steer around cars or pedestrians unexpectedly appearing in your path. Also, if you do suffer a collision, your next stop may be at an auto body shop Denver CO. Even when you experience first-class body restoration, you may not want to lose the service of your car for an extended repair period.

Follow Outlined Travel Paths

Cars flying across designated parking lot lanes act as dangerous missiles. By staying in your lane you make conditions safer for other drivers who are focusing on looking for their parking spaces. When you are the one shooting along perpendicular to the normal flow, you can also cut too close to cars approaching to the right or left of you. Even worse, driving in this manner makes it more difficult to spot children walking behind parked cars.

Pay Attention to Signs

Stop signs and speed limit markers are carefully planned for traffic flow and safety. Ignoring these counteracts the intentions of the planners and creates a negative driving domino effect. Ignoring the posted signs may result in both an accident and a moving violation ticket.

Put Down Your Phone

Reduced reaction time also becomes a factor when you drive while looking down at your phone screen. By the time you look up, you may find you will not be able to brake in time to avoid hitting a pedestrian or drifting into a parked car. Wait the few minutes you will need to park before pulling out your phone.

Shoppers can easily make mistakes when rushing to the store to pick up on the latest deals. The danger does not stop once you enter the mall’s parking lot; in some ways, you can heighten the risk if you do not take care at that point. By practicing safe driving in busy parking lots, you can drive to fight (for a deal) another day.