Published On: Thu, Mar 5th, 2015

What Has Ford Done For The Automotive Industry?

The history of Ford spans many generations, and we simply don’t have enough time to go into all the details today. However, anyone interested in learning a little more will have no trouble locating the information they require online. This post is simply to find out what Ford has done for the automotive industry as a whole. How have their designs impacted on other manufacturers and their attitudes towards safety and reliability? Has Ford’s insistence on keeping prices low helped to drive down asking prices from alternative suppliers? Those are all questions we will attempt to answer. When all’s said and done, there are hundreds of thousands of Ford models on the roads today. So, they must be doing something right.

1954 Ford F-100 Interior Logo

The rise of family cars

While there were numerous family cars before Ford launched their designs onto the market, they are responsible for the rise in production after World War Two. The manufacturer understood that people needed a personal means of transport in the new world. Most folks worked on farms or in rural situations prior to the war. A new wave of business and city-living meant that residents had to commute much further to earn their wages. Without Ford and their commitment to low prices, the world could have been a much different place. Even today, they produce some of the best and most successful family cars on the market. Not convinced? See and other sites to find out which models are around at the moment. Most of them were designed with families in mind.

Safety improvements

The team at Ford didn’t exactly design airbags, but they were one of the first to make them compulsory in all new models. They did that long before it was made a legal requirement. That manufacturer has also pioneered a number of other safety devices designed to keep their customers out of trouble in the worst situations. Other car-makers were more interested in creating profits. The people at Ford understood that building a reputation would benefit them in the future. They weren’t wrong. Ford is not considered to be the manufacturer of choice for many Americans.

New perspectives

Many people think that Citroen are changing the way we drive with their latest technological releases. However, Ford did something much more impressive than that during the 1950s. Instead of changing the way we drive, they successfully managed to change the way we think about driving. People were encouraged to associate driving with freedom, and that is something we wanted a lot of. Savvy marketing campaigns become a bit of a specialty for Ford in the post-war era. Their competitors might have produced better models, but they never managed to exceed Ford’s sales figures.

It is plain to see that Ford fast became one of the world’s leading designers and producers of quality affordable cars very quickly. Their dedication to releasing models suitable for the average family has helped to cement their reputation on the international scene. While production might occur in the US, Ford models are just as popular in the UK and Europe.