Published On: Thu, Apr 28th, 2016

Truck Accidents In US Surge, Who’s To Blame?

There are 11 fatal truck accidents every day in America and the situation is only getting worse. Recent reports reveal that truck-related accidents have risen by fourteen percent over the last year. You can read more about that on It’s clear that something needs to be done about this and it’s incredible that there’s not a national outcry for action. But the question then becomes, who is to blame.

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The Businesses

It’s clear that truck drivers are under immense pressure. In fact, anyone spending their career on the road is usually working to a deadline. We all work to deadlines in our jobs. Whether that’s to get the next article completed or time. Or filing the necessary paperwork in the office. But when you’re working on a deadline on the road it’s a dangerous situation. Particularly, if you think you need to speed up to make the next delivery on time.

Outsourcing should be considered part of the problem. Many businesses are outsourcing logistics in their company to logistic specialists. These usually have a massive fleet of truck drivers that are used for the company and the clients. The trucks are usually tracked and monitored. But they’re not checking that the drivers are obeying the rules of the road. They’re far more interested in whether they’re going to make the next delivery on time. Outsourcing companies often promise cheap and fast service to their customer. If they can’t provide this, they could lose the client.

Perhaps then the answer to impose stricter rules and regulations on truck companies. Particularly, if there’s evidence to show that they are putting too much pressure on their drivers. But there’s another culprit in this story too.

The Drivers

There’s no doubt that truck drivers are often working to a schedule. But the decisions they make on the road are still their own. If they push further than their limit without breaking that’s their choice. If they try a dangerous maneuver that puts lives in jeopardy, it was their decision. At some point, we have to start looking at the driver’s on the road. We may need to think about implementing stricter penalties to ensure drivers aren’t willing to take these risks. You may want to have a look at something like There, you’ll find information on the legal side of this issue. But what else can drivers do?

Other Drivers

Other drivers on the road must be vigilant when overtaking or driving near a truck on the highway. It’s crucial that you don’t slip up and cause the accident yourself. It’s easy to point fingers. But it’s worth pointing out it is not just truck drivers causing accidents on the road it’s everyone. If you think a truck isn’t being driven safely, keep a good distance and do not let your attention wander. By doing this, you can make sure your life isn’t added to this worrying number of accidents.

It is clear that more needs to be done to prevent truck accidents occurring. But other drivers must be aware of the danger as well.