Published On: Thu, Jul 1st, 2021

Three Steps You Can Take When Your Car Is Damaged After a Storm

When the forecast predicts severe weather, it often leaves car owners feeling helpless and scared. For those without access to a garage, often times their vehicles are left to weather the storm. If you are lucky, your car may endure the storm and come out with no damage. Unfortunately, unpredictable weather can sometimes damage uncovered vehicles. Always take care of yourself during a storm, and never put yourself in danger to protect a car. Fortunately, it is now easier than ever to take care of vehicle damage. Here are three steps you should take after your vehicle is damaged by a storm.

Stay Calm

It is important to remain calm after you experience automobile storm damage. You are never alone after your car falls victim to a storm. There are a variety of organizations that work to give you peace of mind. You may want to do an online search for the best hail damage repair Denver CO. That should lead you to a shop that will work to give you good advice, reasonable pricing, and peace of mind when you are unsettled about your car damage.

Assess The Damage

After your nerves have calmed, it is important to assess the damages to your vehicle. There are a wide variety of damages that a storm can cause. These can range from simply cosmetic scratches and dents, to broken windows and functional impairment. It can be beneficial to take photos of the car damage for potential insurance claims, and cover cracked or broken windows to avoid further storm damage. The faster you assess the damage and take action, the less likely you are to experience worsening car problems.

Decide if You Need To File a Claim

In order to get post-storm car repair covered by your insurance, you must have comprehensive coverage. If you do not have this additional coverage on your plan, then you will have to cover any storm damage out-of-pocket. Keep in mind that claims factor into insurance premiums, so if the damage is minimal, it may be beneficial for you to pay for the repairs yourself.

Severe weather can be very detrimental to vehicles, but luckily there are a ton of resources to ensure that you get the help you need after a storm. It is important that you keep yourself safe during extreme weather conditions and assess vehicle damage as soon as you can safely do so. Small dents can turn into bigger problems if left unattended, so make sure that you have your vehicle repaired as soon as possible.

Storm damage can feel like a huge burden, especially among the endless list of things that you need to get done each week. Be sure to stay calm and move quickly to prevent further damage. Lucky for you, taking the steps that you need to repair a damaged vehicle is now simpler than ever.