Published On: Sun, Jun 22nd, 2014

Rugged Off-Road Machine: Best Upgrades for a UTV

Although a UTV is a very proficient off-road machine, its capabilities are limited without the proper enhancements. This is especially true for the adventurers who travel in extremely rugged environments. Here are some of the best upgrades available for a UTV.

Rugged Off-Road Machine

Skid Plates
A sharp tree stump or a jagged rock can cause major damage to the undercarriage of a UTV. A full-length skid plate will certainly provide the necessary protection when navigating over rough landscapes. Most high-quality skid plates are designed with drain holes. This allows any excess water or dirt to drain out from beneath the vehicle.

Wheels and Tires
The stock wheels and tires are only suitable for very smooth off-road trails. On the other hand, most aftermarket tires are engineered for harsh environments. The aggressive tread patterns enable the UTV to grip the ground with much more authority. Unlike the relatively soft stock tires, the aftermarket tires can take a great deal of abuse.

A winch is a major convenience when traveling in remote areas. In the event that the UTV gets stuck in the snow or mud, the strength of the winch can be used to pull it out. Depending on the rating of the specific winch, it may be capable of pulling even heavier vehicles. Some retailers such as actually offer winches with a wireless remote feature.

Lift Kit
A lift kit is designed to increase the ground clearance of the UTV. The best part is that most lift kits can be installed with just a few basic hand tools. After the lift kit has been set up, the UTV will be able to topple a variety of off-road obstacles.

LED Light Bar
LED light bars are able to drastically improve the lighting of a UTV. The rugged design of a LED light bar enables it to be used in a variety of different environments. Whether the owner is on a rescue mission or gathering firewood in the darkness of the night, the LED light bar will be able to provide a much clearer view of the surrounding area.

Performance Exhaust System
The factory exhaust system on a UTV restricts the overall power output. Replacing the factory unit with a performance exhaust system will enable the engine to breathe without any unnecessary restriction. This effectively frees up a significant amount of horsepower and torque. The extra power will definitely come in handy when hauling and towing hefty loads.