Published On: Fri, Oct 30th, 2015

Next Generation Safety Features For Modern Cars

We love gadgets and technology here at Tenn magazine. We’re also obsessed with speed and all things automotive. So when the two things combine, we get very excited. We think we’re at the brink of something special in the car tech world. New hybrid engines are unlocking more efficiency (and speed) than ever before. We’ll soon see driverless cars around our cities, while dashboards and car entertainment grows smarter every day.

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In this post, however, we’re looking specifically at the high-tech safety features in modern cars. There is some next-level technology developing in this area that’s helping drivers stay safe on the road. The insurance experts at also tell us that these features help reduce insurance costs too. Safety equals savings in the insurance world! Without further ado, let’s dive straight into this brilliant technology.

Stability and traction control

This technology has changed driving safety for the future. In fact, the independent crash test experts, Euro NCAP, had to add a new category to accommodate it! Stability and traction control are smart technologies that actively help you avoid accidents. They immediately detect when you’re losing control of the vehicle. They apply tiny amounts of braking to help keep you safe and secure in dangerous situations.

Adaptive cruise control

For those who love car technology, cruise control is nothing new. But, adaptive cruise control is the latest upgrade and improvement. The technology actively scans the road ahead. It will detect when you’re too close to another driver, and hits the brakes. It means that your car will react faster than you in a difficult situation!

Lane departure warning

On long motorway journeys, it’s easy to lose concentration, especially late at night. Those long open roads are hypnotic, and many drivers find themselves falling asleep. When this happens, the car begins to drift into a different lane. Modern technology will detect this using motion sensors and cameras fitted to the windscreen. The car will send a loud noise or vibration to wake the driver. The new Mercedes E Class will even take control and move the car back into the right lane.

External airbags

We’re all familiar with the airbag systems in our cars. They deploy with millisecond precision to help cushion the blow of a collision. They regularly save lives, and work for both driver and passenger. Now, however, manufacturers are fitting them to the outside of the car. Firstly, it helps protect pedestrians from a potentially fatal collision. Secondly, they’ll deploy under the car to help reduce speed before an impact. Clever.

Dynamic braking

In older cars, when you hit the brakes hard, your steering locks up, and there’s no control. Modern cars are now universally equipped with ABS (antilock brakes). But, there’s a new technology emerging to assist them. Dynamic braking senses when you’re about to brake hard, and it applies additional pressure to help you out. It helps you keep control of the car in an emergency situation.

These really are cars that adapt to the road around them. It’s fantastic technology, and it can’t get here soon enough!