Published On: Mon, Jan 19th, 2015

How Citroen Is Changing The Way We Drive

The major automotive manufacturers seem to be becoming more and more influenced by what’s happening in the technology industry. Smartphone integration, touch screens, and voice controls are becoming staples in new product lines. What’s perhaps more interesting is how new technology is already improving how we drive our cars. Here’s how Citroen is changing the way we drive.


Driving Assistance

As with most aspects of technology, making things easier for the user is paramount. While wide-spread adoption of the fully autonomous car is still a concept of the future, many modern vehicles already include some kind of driving assistance. The manufacturer’s parking space gap measurement system ensures you always know if a space is big enough for your vehicle. A sensor scans the length of the gap as you slowly drive past, coming to completion when the front of the car passes the space. You’ll hear a beep and see a message on the multifunction screen that tells you whether parking is possible, difficult, or inadvisable. This system is incorporated in the recent C4 and DS4 updates, both of which are available at competitive prices from used outlets like Exchange & Mart. Another useful feature is the Hill Start Assist function. When the brake is released, the system automatically maintains the car’s position for up to two seconds, giving the driver more time to move their foot from the brake to the accelerator without the risk of the vehicle falling back.


While, of course, features that can improve a driver’s performance and safety are paramount, a little extra comfort is never amiss. Citroen aims to improve its drivers’ enjoyment with its radical changes to its suspension system. The new back-axle pneumatic system available in the company’s New Relay and Dispatch ranges includes an air supply unit, two height sensors, and two pneumatic cushions. The system works by using the height sensors to determine your car’s height. If there is ever any change in this, a signal is sent from the control unit to the compressor to correct the new distance and return your vehicle to its normal; height. Similarly, the Hydractive III+ feature of the C5 Saloon and C5 Tourer uses electronic sensors to read the road and your driving style. This works in real-time, analysing the state of the road hundreds of times a second, and adapting to the situation.

With technology constantly moving, it seems inevitable that drivers will become more dependent on technology when driving. Will this result in less able drivers over time? Let us know in the comments.