Published On: Sun, Aug 28th, 2016

Honda to Begin Sales of All-new NSX In Japan

Honda started accepting applications in Japan for custom orders of the all-new NSX super car which undergo a full design anew for the first time in the 26 year history of Honda since the debut of original NSX. The super car will ready for the customers delivery February 27, 2017.

Honda NSX super car

The All-New NSX is a two-seaters car with a curb weight of 3803kg. The NSX owns a unique body dimension, it is 176 mm in length, 87.3 mm in width (without mirrors) and 47.8 inch overall height. The Honda NSX boasts with a powerful and efficient Twin-turbocharged gas/electric V-6 engine, it outputs the power of 573 HP at the engine speed of 6500 revolutions per minute and its engine delivers a maximum torque of 476 lb-ft.

Honda Super Car has a 9-speed dual clutch transmission (DCT) and front-mounted Twin Motor Unit with independent, electrically powered left- and right-wheel torque vectoring. The Car has a powerful acceleration with four driving modes so the driver can select the most appropriate mode according to the driving environment. NSX is amongst those cars which can be enjoyed in every environment, from the daily drive to a racing track.

The Honda NSX has hit the market with its vast range of colors and unique body design, it comes in eight gleaming colors including Valencia red pearl, Nouvelle, Blue pearl, Nord gray metallic, Source silver metallic, Casino white pearl, Berlina Black, 130r White and Curva red. It is available at the cost effective price of only 23,700,000 yen.